Easy color combination for  everyday outfits

Easy color combination for everyday outfits

Hi lovelies, welcome to the lifestyle segment.

We’ill be talking about few tips on easy way to combine your outfit and the colors in a haste. If you are the type that puts on three to four outfit everyday before stepping outside your door, you just can’t wrap your head around what to wear or the next color of bag for shoes to buy because of the color then this post is for you let’s gather here.

What is color combination?
You don’t want to step out and look like a rainbow or a Christmas tree that’s why I’m here to let you know the easy way to combine the color of your outfit and look elegant and chic. Remember is not about wearing it,it’s about wearing it well.

there are two ways to help decide what to wear, firstly is the color wheel,yes you all remember the color wheel we were taught as a beginner? Exactly that one,the way to go about color wheel is to pick a color you want to wear and pick the color opposite or beside it on the color wheel
for instance:the color of the outfit I want to wear is black and the color opposite color black on my wheel is blue…. excellent and the color beside it is gray…. perfect so that’s a way to go.


this always work well and would never disappoint you even if the color wheel does, and is a no brainier, it does not have a thing to do with gender. You can combine your outfit colors by just putting it at the back of your mind that solid colors goes with bright colors, solid color/bright color. examples of solid colors are:white,black,grey,camel color, emirate green,brown,navy blue. Putting on any of this colors makes you cool and elegant.
when you put on a black pants and a light shade of blue top,or a navy blue shorts and a lighter shade of blue….you look fabulous already, you are good to go. When you are in a hurry, ready to go but still can’t figure out what to wear yet, don’t panic just remember SOLID COLORS GOES WITH BRIGHT COLORS.Note: some solid colors also goes along with solid colors,I mean you can wear black o black,white on white…

Here are some colors that compliment each other so we’ll look at :

1 Navy blue….you can wear a navy blue with black,white or even a lighter shade of blue

2 Camel color: this goes well with white or black

3 Black:this goes literally with every colors,it even compliment itself better

4 Emirate green: this is a newly discovered color to me but I love it tho and I think is cool it complement black so well and white too

5 Grey:we have different shades of grey but all works well and complements each other and other colors so well too.
So try them out and let me know what you feel down in the comment section


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