Helpful tips for healthy skinu

Who does not want to look good and have head turning glance, but not  everyone is blessed with melani in their skin or the healthy smooth skin from nature which shouldn’t be a barrier, you can have your way around it without stressing or spending much to look glowing. There’s no such thing as perfect skin,so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have one you just have to try your best and don’t stress about it. we all know”healthy skin is a reflection of over all wellness” so here are some tips to help your skin look healthy

1 Eat healthy and healthy diet consistently: there’s no single diet that work for all “there’s no one size fits all when it comes to digestion” you just have to look out for what you eat,what goes well with your body,some use more expensive products but your skin won’t change cause you eat all round and expect the product to do all the work. they are two ways to go about your consumption and I will advise to stick to one of this

  • either you eat alot(whole food+minimally) this are food we make ourselves or

*we eat less(heavily processed food) this are foods we get from stores or eatery’s,the already processed foods

but it will be advisable to stick to the whole food,take out those foods that don’t have much nutrition. Avoid refined sugar,WHO adviced to stay under 25kg of sugar per day. Excess sugar can cause you things like:
_skin wrinkling
_premature aging

2limit high glycemic foods:this are foods that will raise your blood sugar quickly.foods like
_instant oats
_white breads
_rice cakes
it helps alot if you can stick to a low glycemic foods,is not easy but you have to try

3 Eat enough protein and vitamin c:these are essential in your diet cause both of them are building blocks for collagen. your vitamin C can be sourced from eating alot of fruits. you might go through a lot of stress which can make the vitamin C extracted from your food not enough so the best deal is to go with atleast a fruit a day

4 Eat enough omega-3 fatty foods: you can get this from more fatty foods… is more from animal based foods like fishes:salmon,herrings, mackerel, sardines, anchovies e.t.c there are also plant based omega-3 acids like:hemp seeds, walnuts,flax seeds e.t.c omega-3 acids foods helps to reduce
_reduce inflammation
_reduce acne
_reduce pre mature aging

5 Eat alot of fruits and veggies:this still bring us back to nutrients but to deal well with this is adviced to try different veggies and fruits don’t just stick to eating one favorite fruit everyday they all have different taste and nutrientsñ extracted from them

6 you should eat alot of zinc: there’s more link between zinc and acne you might want to boost your zinc focused foods more if you battle with acnes alot

7 eat more of probiotics and probiotics:this two works hands in hands you don’t have to lack in one… examples of prebiotics are: onions, garlic,Apples,oats e.t.c.
examples of probiotics are yogurt,kimchi, fermented veggies

8 reduce your consumption of diaries (optional) like milk,breads etc.

Try out this and let me know the outcome in the comment section below


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