See how that orange peel you throw away can bring you money

See how that orange peel you throw away can bring you money

Most people throw away orange peels not knowing that you can generate a whole lot of money from it. Of a truth, information is power and when you utilize the information you get from this, you will be smiling to your bank always.

Orange is among the most popular fruits in the world and it is a citrus fruit that is known to have enormous health benefits.

Oranges can be taken as a snack and can be used in the preparation of some foods.

Speaking about orange juice, it is taken by most families when eating at any time of the day because of it nutritional value.

Every part that makes up an orange is useful in it’s own way including the peels of orange.

Orange peels are used as a lightening agent to produce most organic skincare products out there.

You can also use orange peels and honey as your facial scrub to remove dead skin cells from your face, leaving your face to glow and there are so many other benefits of orange peels.

In this article, I will show you how to make money from those orange peels you think are no more useful.

Get a reasonable quantity of good orange peels not the bad peels either from your house or from orange sellers, just approach them for orange peels and they will gladly give them to you thinking that you are helping them clear dirt’s.

Wash the orange peels very well and sundry them till they shrink. They usually take between 2 to 4 days to get properly dried. The reason for sun drying the orange peels properly is to make it easy for griding.

Cut the orange peels into smaller sizes for easier grinding then grind the orange peels either with a blender or any other device you use to grind stuffs.

Make sure the orange peels are properly grinded into fine particles in such a way that you can no longer feel any roughness in it.

Your orange peels are ready and you can start marketing it to beauticians as it is a wanted ingredients for most of the organic creams and soap out there.

Depending on the price you want to sell, it can be sold for #500 per tablespoon and by the time you sell up to 20 tablespoon or even more, your guess should be as good as mine.


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