Darey Alade speaks on relationship with wife “she is my ceo,if i do anyhow,i see anyhow”

Darey Alade speaks on relationship with wife “she is my ceo,if i do anyhow,i see anyhow”

Nigerian musician, Darey Art Alade and his wife Deola may just be one of the most amazing celebrity couples you could come across.

The couple who have been married since 2007 have not only managed to keep their private lives away from the prying eyes of the public but manages to run a successful company together.

They both run Livespot, a Lagos-based integrated Communications firm with offices in Abuja.

In a recent interview with Premium Times, the celebrity couple opened up on how they achieve the feat.

Darey said, “The thing is when we are working we are not husband and wife.

“She is my CEO, so when we are working because we have strong human resources policies in place, if I do anyhow I will see anyhow.

“But seriously speaking, it’s actually fun, working together. We make it fun not just between ourselves but together.

“The tongue and teeth don’t get along sometimes so it’s only natural that we disagree sometimes but we make sure that we keep our eyes on the ball.

On her part, the lovely Deola said they both value their friendship and respect as well. She explained that they were best friends first and foremost and respect each other in and outside the office.

Speaking on their different roles at the office, Deola said “while Darey drives the company’s creative vision, I am the design expert who oversees Livespot’s activities and makes strategic decisions that have helped us grow the outfit.”

Her husband added, “Even when my wife was running an interior design business, I really learnt a lot from her about her business just by being around her.

“She has also learnt a lot about my music business just by being around me. We really do complement each other because no one person knows it all.”

The music artist also explained that Deola has always been involved in his music and career as far back as when he was producing his old music, planning campaigns, even up to the writing of the music.

“Once I sound it off her first and she likes it I am fine. When I return from the studio, the first person I play my music to is my wife. She is my first consumer at home.

“Sometimes when she is not around and our son walks into me creating music and doesn’t react, I don’t even bother myself. There is just no need because at that point I just know that I have not tried.

“I have to go back to making the song better. So, we have always unconsciously cultivated that level of involvement in each other’s business,” he said.

“I am my husband’s biggest critic. So, across everything, whatever decision we make, we run it by each other. We work well together, creatively even if there are any differences we know how to resolve it together. It’s always about the end result which is the greater good,” the beautiful Deola explained

When asked how they have managed to stay scandal-free especially in this era of social media

Darey said, “I mind my business there are just too many things to do. The distractions are everywhere and over the years I have been actively involved in growing our business, music career, and raising my family.”

Are these two not just cute together?


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