Dignity War not Violent

Dignity War not Violent


Writer: Adedoyin Olakunle Stephen SOLUTION


We live in the world where no one has the right to choice or dictate the *COLOUR OF OUR SKIN* we just found out here after birth. You are there and am here, we did not ask neither was our opinions asked for before we got the colour to our skin.

Dive with me, you are white and am black, you can also be black and am white. We are all humans and we all matter, the colour does not determine your kind heart, nor the capacity of your brain nor the braveness of your heart.

It’s Pathetic that in the world we live today, we race or hate ourself over the creation of a supreme being that has deposited same feature in both black and white.

1. Nose
2. Mouth
3. Head
4. Body
5. Leg
6. Breath
7. Blood
8. Emotion

Here look up 👆reader, why do you engage in racism with your relative(each features listed above are what makes us human. Both white, black and other colours all have this. So why fight??
Stop the fight and see your brother and sister in them, Irrespective of the colour.

Dive with me again,

Violent doesn’t win racism, war dignity does. You are called a black man and it changed to be repricated that you are a monkey. Don’t prove you are not by fighting or showing any form of violent show *dignity and Love* violent birth more violent.

We are all related by the virtue of one features or more and we can only survive together in love and in peace.

Stop the fight and love
Stop the violent and Show Dignity.

Note: one man mistakes to you should not be the crucification of an entire race. Let love lead ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I write to you my dearest unknown relatives.Thanks for reading.

Pen drop📝



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