Press Release From Office of the Director General, Directorate of Diaspora, Youth and Student

Press Release From Office of the Director General, Directorate of Diaspora, Youth and Student

Office of the Director General, Directorate of Diaspora, Youth and Student Matters under National Association of Nigerian Comrades announce the appointment of the following comrades for public recognition and authenticate their identification with the organization for a service to Humanity through Advocacy, sustainability and capacity building.

1. Comr. Oluwakemi Olayinka as Secretary General

2. Comr. Ikegbule Peter-Paul Chiebuka as Communication and Fundraising Officer.

3. Comr. Olusanya Babasesan Olusegun as Chief Press Secretary

4. Comr. Odudu Johnson O. as Special Assistant (S.A) Media and Publicity

5. Comr. Kennedy Nnamani as Special Assistant (S.A) Diaspora Matters

6. Comr. Samuel Mary (Nrs) as Director Oyo State Youth and Students matters

7. Comr. Benson Success as Director Osun State Youth and Student Matters

8. Ogunniran Isreal Ademola Esq. as Legal Adviser and Special Assistant (S.A) Legal Matters.

The above appointment which others are yet to be confirmed are done on the need for the Directorate to duely discharge her duty and actualization of her aim and objectives.

National Association of Nigerian Comrades (NANC) is a community of comrades which includes but not limited to studentleaders, youth advocate, activist, labour union and bonafide members of pressure groups and her leaders.

National Association of Nigerian Comrade (NANC) was founded in June 2nd, 2010 by Comrade Ogunolu Samsideen Opeyemi a.k.a peace maker then he was and final year student, he founded NANC for the benefit of entire Nigerians by bringing together human right activist and social crusaders to fight in one accord for the betterment of our Nations’.

Also, to promote the interest of Nigerian Youths and Nigerian Students for the benefit of our generation.
To unite activists in Nigeria towards a common cause, we believe that with proper leadership, discipline of truth & defender of democracy we can fight in one accord.

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN COMRADES is a child of necessity on a mission to bring together activists, social crusaders, progressives & liberals for united struggle for the total liberation of Nigeria and our people. We believe that only through solidarity can this historic battle be won. We are unreservedly devoted to truth, accountability, justice and democracy in Nigeria.

For us, tribe and religion inconsequential we fight in defense of our conscience and posterity. We will never submit to tyranny or oppression, fear and persecution in the course of this struggle..

1. To Embark on Youth Empowerment Initiatives via Award of Scholarships, Job placements and Skills acquisition.

2. To provide Counseling to Nigerian Youths on Challenges in Academics, Career, Relationship etc., and General Life Issues like Rape, Addiction, Sexual Harassment, among others.

3. To Organize Seminars, Symposiums, Talk Shows and lectures through viable media with a view to Educating the Youths about the dangers of societal Ills.

4. To organize Rallies and to Employ and Utilize the Social/Mass Media in the Promotion of the Image of Nigeria all around the world, Campaign against Corrupt Practices In the System, bring Pressing Rural Communities and Grass Root Issues to the Forefront and Present them before the Government for Consideration, while we Consistently remind all Elected Public Office Holders those promises they made during their Campaigns and Manifestos.

5. To generally and always Promote Peace, Love, Unity and Patriotism thereby Discouraging Tribalism, Ethnicity, Nepotism and Corruption.

Directorate of Diaspora, Youth and Student Matters an arm of the organization was created in January, 2020 in the need for the body to comprehensively represent the interest of the youth and students as they are a major stakeholder in the sustainability and development of our dear nation.

Since her establishment under the leadership of Comrade (Amb.) Johnclaude Peter O. GCAF as the Director – General, the Directorate has indeed representing the interest of the youth and students through advocacy and consultations with the authority of the government both within and diaspora.

To mention few, the achievement of the Directorate can not be quantify ranging from;

* Advocacy on protect the girl child and prosecute the rape perpetrators.

* Justice for Uwa, Zainab and other rape victims who lost their lives in the process.

* Sensitization and donation of face mask to AMAC community in Abuja to support the contain of Covid-19.

* Africa Youth Summit Against COVID-19 on fundamentalmedia literacy as tools to contain Covid-19.

* Dialogue and Consultation with critical stakeholders on re-opening of schools.

The Directorate is genuinely fighting her course through protecting and representing the interest of the youth and student within anddiaspora.

It is in this vein, we call on all vibrant youths, Student leaders,Advocate, Activist, and Patriotic Nigerian to wake up from our slumber and defend our tomorrow today.

According to Nelson Mandela: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Therefore, let joins and promote peace and unity through advocacy, sustainability and capacity building.

Build the youth, Build the Nation.

God bless Nigerian Youth and Student!!!

God bless DDYSM!!!

God bless NANC!!!

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

National Association of Nigerian Comrades (NANC) for Change we Stand!!!


Comrade Johnclaude Peter O. GCAF




Comr. Olusanya Babasesan Olusegun

Chief Press Secretary to the DG.


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