Health benefits of mango leaf

Health benefits of mango leaf

Soak 4-5 Mango Leaves In Warm Water Overnight, Drink To Help Get These Health Benefits

Mango leaves are the leaves of mango plants. Mango leaves are always green and 8 cm long. The leaves can be oval, truncated, elliptical, lancet, and linear. Leaves change color from reddish or purple to dark green as they grow. Best used for high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stone treatment.

Mango leaf is useful in the treatment of early diabetes. The infusion of dried mango leaves and powder is used to regulate diabetes. Leaf decoction is beneficial in the treatment of high blood pressure. It also helps in the treatment of varicose veins. Treat kidney stones and gallstones. Treat bleeding due to dysentery, earaches, burns, and hiccups.

Mango leaves are good for respiratory problems. Boiling mango leaves is useful for curing respiratory problems such as colds, bronchitis and

How To Prepare The Herbs 

Mango Leaf for Diabetes

Take 4-5 mango leaves. Soak in a glass of warm water overnight. Strain the water and drink it. This regulates the symptoms of diabetes.

Mango Leaf for Restlessness

Take 4-5 mango leaves. Soak in a glass of water. Take 1 cup of mango leaf tea once a day. Cure anxiety and refresh the body. Or add 2-3 cups of mango leaf tea to bath water.

Mango Leaf for Kidney Stone

Dry the mango leaves in the shade. Grind them and make fine powder. Take half a teaspoon of powder with water every day. It breaks the water and flushes them out.

Mango Leaf for Respiratory Disease

A decoction Mango leaves in water treats Respiratory problems as Cold, Bronchitis, Asthma.

Mango Leaf for Cough

A decoction of Mango leaves in water gives relief from Cough. You may add Honey for effective treatment

Mango Leaf for Dysentry

Use dried and powdered Mango leaves. Take 1 teaspoon of powdered leaves twice or thrice in a day with water.

Mango Leaf for Ear-ache

Take a few Mango leaves. Extract a teaspoon of juice from the leaves. Use this juice as Ear drops. Heat it slightly before use.

Mango Leaf for Burns

Burn a handful of Mango leaves. Use the ash and apply it on the affected area for instant relief.

Mango Leaf for Hippcups

Burn a few Mango leaves. Inhale the smoke.

Mango Leaf for Somach problems

Soak Mango leaves in warm water overnight. Strain the water and drink it next morning on empty stomach. Regular intake of infusion acts as Stomach Tonic. It prevents from various Stomach ailments.


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