Be careful what you do to them

Be careful what you do to them


I used to have this great passion for singing so I joined a singing department  back then. I was so young in fact the youngest but my love for singing gave me that confidence to join these people and put my talent to good use but something changed from “the child with the little confidence and a passion for singing” to “a child with a very low self esteem and no passion for singing”

How did this happen,it started when I joined and some didn’t know the value of “be careful what you do to them”. So I joined with the hope of being growing myself and judging by the type of child I was  (I deeply respected and loved everyone of them)………



I get pissed sometimes when children/teenagers are taken with levity, some people feel “they are children what do they know”. Some treat children like they are not humans with their own emotions,they just believe how those children feel is of no importance but that is where they got it wrong.

A lot of people battle with low self esteem,depression and the likes today because of what they were made to go through emotionally in the past (most times as a child). Researchers believe some people act cruel/bad e.t.c not because they were born that way but because of something they had gone through in their past (childhood).

We understand you were not treated right,you were hurt,you were broken but it is so wrong to make anyone else especially children go through that same pain you went through. You had a painful childhood memory,only you can understand how heart breaking that was but do you think you are any different from the person who hurt you if you also do the same to someone else?

I’m sure you must be “well same thing was done to me,I have to make someone else feel the pain I also felt” wait a minute,look at that child in the eye for a moment and think if you would really want that innocent soul to go through what you went through and if you also want to be the “maker” of another (sadist,monster,loser e.t.c)………



There were times I was taken with levity,95% of them treated me like I really did not exist (I don’t really have a peiblem with that)……. We all picked a certain colour of dress for an event and we all practised thoroughly for it.

Some of us got to the venue early and I helped a lady (she was also a part of the department) pack the gift that was to be distributed to visitors,when it was time for everyone to assembly on stage,the person in charge stopped us half way to the stage (the program had not really started but people were already sitted for the event) and the HOD said some of us were to go back outside meaning we won’t be allowed to participate in the program,why?

He complained that we should have assembled ourselves before he told us but some of us were not settled and that did not portray a good image for us, so he said he wanted this to serve as a lesson to us.

Every other person he wanted to punish found a way to escape the punishment but I could not escape the punishment ,he told me to either go back home or go sit outside. What!! after all the preparation,plus i was meant to lead a song. I tried explaining to him that I was only assisting a lady (she also defended me) but he wasn’t having any of it. So I ended up being the only one punished,practise was wasted,the shame of being sent out,the lonelyness of sitting outside….

I just always happen to be the one to be punished whenever there was a punishment. There were times I was called worthless “I don’t even know your worth,all you know is to warm the sit,if you are not here someone else would do better,it would have been better if you stayed at home and not even come today” while this words were being said to me,some people find it funny and we’re laughing. I was pushed around because “she is a child so her emotions doesn’t really matter”

Words, words,words so many cruel words were said to me, i was not treated like i was part of them and it crushed my esteem. I was young so it was very easy to get under my skin. I started seeing myself like I really had no worth,I always thought hands were pointed at me and people were laughing and calling me names…….. That year wasn’t my best year, I had to leave the department but I left with a very low self esteem. I am better person now and I have forgiven all that but I couldn’t forget the experience.

PRESENT DAY……………………..

What you do to those little ones would never leave their head,you will grow old,forget a lot of things but they will never forget what you did to them. They would either hate you or love you.

If only the world can see the importance of treating these younger generations right and not to make them victims of our past pain,the world would be a better place to live…… Be careful what you do to them,be a better person,take them like they are “you” and protect them like you would protect yourself from going through the same “emotional abuse”.

We all have a story to tell,we have villains in our story but be careful not to be the “hero turn villian” in another child’s story…….


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