How to cure strech mark

How to cure strech mark

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes, or lines that develop on the skin. They occur when the skin is suddenly stretched and are extremely common.

Anyone can develop stretch marks, although they tend to affect more women than men.

This type of scarring happens when the skin cannot resume normal form after a period of intense growth, often due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, or puberty. Over 50 percent of women experience stretch marks during pregnancy.

Common causes of skin stretching include:

PREGNANCY:Between 50 and 90 percent of women who are pregnant experience stretchmarks during or after birth.

PUBERTY: Rapid growth is typical in young people going through puberty. This can lead to stretch marks.

RAPID WEIGHT GAIN:Putting on a lot of weight in a short space of time can cause stretch marks.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS:Certain conditions can cause stretch marks, such as Marfan syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome. Marfan syndrome can lead to decreased elasticity in the skin tissue, and Cushing’s syndrome can lead the body to produce too much of a hormone that leads to rapid weight gain and skin fragility.

CORTICOSTEROID CREAMS:Prolonged use of corticosteroid creams and lotions can decrease levels of collagen in the skin. Collagen strengthens and supports the skin, and a reduced amount can increase the risk of stretch marks.

In other words,you have to be careful with the kind of lotion you use on your skin,some lotions cause strechmark

Before stretch marks begin to emerge, the skin can appear thin and pink. It may also feel irritated or itchy.

The marks initially develop as wrinkly, raised streaks that can be red, purple, pink, reddish-brown or dark brown, depending on skin color. The streaks eventually fade and flatten and tend to change to a silvery color over time.

Stretch marks may gradually become less noticeable, but this can often take years.


Very easy and effective way to eliminate stretch mark in two weeks, all STRETCH MARK related to pregnancy and any other.

Materials needed are:-

– Unripe plantain peels only
– Shea butter


– Gather peels of unripe plantain

– Cut it into pieces and sundry

–  Grind to powder.

– Mix the Powder with Shea butter and message every day, morning and night.

Note:-this eliminates the stretch mark completely.

Have a strechmark free body!


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