SM-RELIGION & MOTIVATIONAL: Wedding countdown!

SM-RELIGION & MOTIVATIONAL: Wedding countdown!

Can you hear the sound?
Wedding bells are ringing!

It’s a countdown to the big day.
Okay chill, I know that face,lol. You must be wondering what’s with this “Lawrence and Dara’s wedding I’ve been seeing everywhere?”

Well,let me give you small gist on why it’s a big deal (Aya come here small,let me whisper into ya ears. Eh eh issokay laidat)

Let me start from Darasimi,like it is in the saying “ladies first”. She is the only daughter and last born of the “Mike- Bamiloye’s family” the founder of Mouth Zion dram a ministry,If you have ever watched a Christian movie especially this popular one THE TRAIN then you will understand the kind of grace that runs in the family and the drama ministry…..

So as I was saying oo sister Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye is not just a daughter in the family but a fire brand herself,she is a lover of arts,one who as touched lives especially that of the youth through spoken words and programs like “true talk” (you really wanna go to YouTube and download a series from true talk,trust me

Fast forward to brother Lawrence oyor a.k.a The bowl of fire is a passionate psalmist/minstrel,one who as won many souls for christ through his songs/sounds. This is a man that has made us seen Jesus in a different perspective,through his songs we have come to know jesus has a “lover”. If you haven’t listened to any of his songs please do, you can start by downloading “I’m in love” and “my daddy,my daddy”. I am sure you will come back telling us your newly found love…..

So to cut the story short,hmmm that was how bro Lawrence now sighted Sister Dara ooo and then boom,we are preparing for a glorious wedding. Let’s leave their love story for another day

So it’s a countdown to 10th of October,Kai this is going to one of a kind

So that’s all on Religious gist……. till we meet again….. byeeeeeee


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