Joke of the Day – Episode 6

Joke of the Day – Episode 6

The Ugly Girl

Two Girls were sitting at a club. One was ugly and the other one was beautiful. Akpos walked straight to the ugly girl.

**Akpos:** Hello!

**Ugly girl:** Hi!!

**Akpos:** Wanna dance?

**Ugly Girl:** Yes (excited)

**Akpos:** OK, Go and dance, I wanna talk to your friend.

**Note:** *The name “Akpos” is a generic name used in Nigerian jokes (similar to how Americans would use Chuck Norris)*

An American sailor walks up to a urinal and starts peeing…

… A few seconds later, a fellow Irish sailor goes to the urinal next to him and starts peeing.
The American’s eyes start to wander, and he can’t help but look down at the Irish man’s penis and notice a “W” and “Y” tattooed down there.
“I’m really sorry that I looked over,” says the American, “bu…


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