When nothing is working out

When nothing is working out


 Here are some strategies for when it seems that absolutely nothing is going your way. 

1. Regroup and reflect.

  • Take a break from your efforts so that you can regroup and reflect. Stop what you’re doing for awhile, or at least greatly reduce what you’ve been doing. Withdraw temporarily. If you’ve been tearing after something and not getting results, take a break to re-think your strategy.

2. Practice gratitude.

  • Look for and focus on what’s positive in your life. What’s working? What are you doing well?
  • Start a daily gratitude practice. Make it part of your new morning success ritual.
  • Write down what you’re grateful for. When we write things down, it gives them more power.

3. Change direction.

  • What could you do differently? Maybe even radically differently? Is there an angle that you haven’t yet considered for solving your current challenges?
  • Shake it up. Maybe you could sell your house, take a leave of absence from your job and travel around doing work exchange programs (and learning skills and getting life experience along the way).
  • Change physical location. Change your job, your business, your mind. Just change.

4. Treat yourself really well.

When we get chronically frustrated and stressed, the danger is that anxiety and depression can take over our minds. When we’re depressed, we don’t take care of ourselves. We eat poorly and we don’t bother exercising (because hey, what’s the point?).

  • Eat well. When we’re stressed, the temptation is to reach out for feel-good junk food or even start skipping meals. Eat natural food and avoid packaged food (that usually has excessive salt, sugar, and chemicals in it).
  • Exercise. Movement is our natural state. It’s what we would be doing all day if we didn’t have all these damn desk jobs. Exerciae reduces stress, promotes relaxation and boosts your mood.
  • Use positive self-talk. There is a lot of evidence that shows the power of positive thinking and how it helps with health issues, improves how we feel and inevitably helps improve our external situation.
  • Reward yourself. This means you’re allowed to sleep in sometimes. Take an extra long shower. Buy your favourite food. Do anything that you really enjoy.

5. Find a mentor or coach.

When you’re at a low point in life, you might need the help of others.  We’re meant to lift each other up in times of need.

I’ve covered some simple strategies here in this article, but turning your life around may require a more hands-on approach.


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