5 Foods you should stop taking when you clock 25 (Especially number 3)

5 Foods you should stop taking when you clock 25 (Especially number 3)


Food they say is good, but there are some food we shouldn’t eat after reaching the age of 25.

Some of these food(s) are what we are going to be talking about and you all should take note of this:

1. Yogurt:

I know this will shock you! Like out of all the food in the world, yogurt? Yes! This is the danger.

People always keep yogurt in the fridge to preserve it, but the bad part is that about 40 grams of sugar is present in every yogurt cup.

This means that if you take just one cup of yogurt, you just consumed 40 grams of sugar.

The human body is designed to take just 38 grams of sugar for men and 25 grams for women. Imagine taking 2 cups of yogurt.

2. Local Fish Or Farmed Fish:

In Nigeria, up to 70% of the fish you’ll find at your local market is farmed fish. But you really want to avoid it because farmed/local fish are so overcrowded that they eat each other’s feces.

If you pass through third main land bridge everyday, you will see people defecating directly into the water and this water is home to 60% of all the fishes.

Just imagine eating a fish that had consumed another person’s feces. Well, when next you go to the market, ask how recently the fish was caught.

3. White Bread:

While growing up, eating white bread might have been good for us.

But reverse is the case for a 25 year old person. For grown ups, White bread is essentially nutritionally void.

The bleached white flour spikes your blood sugar and features almost none of the vitamins and minerals present in whole wheat.

So, you see why white bread isn’t good for you at the age of 25.

4. Popcorn With Butter:

You heard right! Yes, popcorn with butter is one of the food we should stop to consume as we clock 25 years.

The butter used to microwave popcorn adequately contains trans fats which negatively affects the memory of the growing human body. The butter destroy cells and encourages inflammation in the brain.

5. Fruit Juice:

Last on the list is Fruit Juice. Most of the fruit juice are chemically moderated by the manufacturing company.

This tells you that lots of chemicals will be added to the fruit juice during production and this on the long run damages one’s health.

They are also often pasteurized, which means that the juice is exposed to heat at a point there by killing some nutrients needed by your body. It is more advicible you take your juice from fresh fruits instead of those imported ones


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