5 things you should definitely know about your health

Regardless of your gender or age, there are five things Everyone should know about their health.
And they are:
• “Blood pressure”
• Blood Sugar level
• “Cholesterol level”
• Level of physical activity
• “Family history of health problems”

The ones I quoted are the most dangerous of them all but nevertheless, all are important
So we are going to be picking and discussing on all of them according to how they were arranged

This can be defined as the way or the rate at which our blood is pumped and how how it leaves the artery walls.
It can either be high or low, and we would take both.

– High blood pressure (Hypertension):
This is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high, if not early detected, it can cause heart disease and stroke.

– Low blood pressure (Hypotension):
This is when your organs don’t get enough blood, especially the brain. It is when the rate at which blood leaves the heart is low. It can be caused by dehydration or family history of low blood pressure.

Now the important part
All what I stated above can’t be traced, what I mean by that is that it doesn’t have symptoms,so you won’t know until you go for check up.

This is the rate at which sugar is stored in your system, it can either be high or low… But unlike the blood pressure, it has symptoms

– High sugar level
This is high rate of storage of sugar in the body system… And as we all know, this would lead to diabetes, which if detected late has no cure but only maintenance, till the person finally dies

– Low sugar level
This is when the rate of storage of the sugar level in the system is low.
This can be easily detected because, the sufferer would always be tired, no strength to perform duties due to the low rate of glucose

Men in particular are at high risk for developing insulin resistance. This normally occurs for men who gain weight in the abdominal area and also women who carry excess weight around their hips are at risk also.

This has to do with too much fat. Failure to do a regular check-up of your body cholesterol level can lead to heart attack or stroke.
High amounts of cholesterol in the blood can limit the flow of blood, and this in turn increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.
It is detected by a blood test..

Now to the most important part, it has no symptoms so it is advisable to do regular check-up.

Typically, the intensity of physical activity can be described as light, moderate or vigorous… To benefit health, moderate and vigorous intensity should be daily practiced..
By moderate intensity, I mean the activity that requires some effort in doing them. E.g, recreational swimming, social tennis e.t.c
By vigorous intensity I mean the activity that requires energy and lead to harder breathing, puffing and panting. E.g, Jogging, Lifting, Digging, e.t.c

All the above mentioned activities should be carried out daily, for proper health and for body fitness.

This is actually very important as we know that some of these health problems are hereditary… I am not saying that our family has Health problems, but to be very realistic, we won’t know until we go for check up
And some of these diseases are very crafty, very subtle, they won’t even give a sigh until it has gotten to a very high stage.

That’s why I am pleading with us to go for all round body check up, just to be sure because when they are detected early, it would be easier to cure them and it would reduce the rate at which we spend money for drugs.


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