5 ways to start a conversation with a beautiful lady

In starting a conversation with a beautiful woman, most guys feel you have to use powerful pick up lines before she listens to you. No matter how sweet the pick up line is, if you don’t have confidence or know what to say next, it will show in your body language. Being good with women might look something difficult or only meant for those who have it naturally. There is science to meeting women. All that is needed is knowledge on “how” to do it. With that in mind let’s check out ways you can start a conversation with a beautiful woman.




1. Start with something funny

If she is with a purse, say, “Hey, what’s inside the purse, are you having a gun in there?

If she has been around for a while, “Are you shy or what?………. This is because I have been around for a while and you haven’t said hi to me”

“Heyyy….. You look familiar.. You look like my ex girlfriend”

2. Be honest and straightforward

You can start with, “hey, I saw you and I wanted to come and say hi to you……… what’s the name?” After saying one or two more things, you can add, “i think you will make a nice good friend, I have something to catch up with now, put down your number and maybe we could talk later”

“Hey, what up, I’m seeing you for the first time, do you stay around here? ”

Simplicity does wonders.

This method is also great because beating around the bush waste so much time. Being honest and straightforward is attractive because it shows confidence. It shows you know what you want.

3. Start with things common to you and her

Make her feel comfortable by showing her that you guys already have something in common. If she is a church member focus on that. If both of you are in the same group doing anything, start with that. In a birthday Party you can start with how both of you met the celebrant. Just look for something that connect both of you and start with that.

3. Start with a question

“Do you know where I can get this or that here?” Though You may already have an answer to it, all you just want to do is elicit a response from her.

4. Use your surrounding

What is the situation both of you are into? You can even start with the weather condition. Just act cool and calm.

5. Ask for an opinion on a thing

Tell her that you and your friend have been arguing over a thing and that you need a female perspective on it. Something like, “can you do me a favour?…… I need a female perspective on an issue” she will say go ahead, then you say, “my friend’s girlfriend told him to delete all his ex’s pictures but my friend feels nothing is wrong keeping them, what’s your take on that?”


With the ways on starting a conversation in mind, also understand the following.


1. Do mental rehearsals

Now get it, if you can’t approach a woman in in your mind, it will be difficult doing it outside. Let your mind come up with challenges and solve them before going out.

2. Have a goal: while do you want to start a conversation with her? To get her number or what? You need to have a game plan. If it’s phone number collect it and move out.

3. Do self talk

Look into the mirror and talk to yourself. Give yourself reasons why you deserve a beautiful woman. You can also practice what you will say. You have all the time to yourself, so practice.

4. Make a move within 4 seconds. When you see a woman you want to talk to, make sure you approach her within 4 seconds. When you do this, it short circuit your brain from coming up with excuses. You are conditioning your mind to take action when you approach her within 4 seconds. If you do it over and over again, it will become part of you.

5. Make eye contact

Learn to look into her eyes when you talk. Chemistry is usually built this way.

6. Always make a Pause

Don’t rush your words. When you pause or talk slowly, it shows confidence. It shows you’re not nervous like you’re in your element. Men learning to attract women often talk too fast. Always make a pause when speaking.

In conclusion, starting a conversation with a beautiful woman is not as difficult as it seems. With practice it can mastered .


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