Akoko North west Youth writes to Governor Ayedatiwa

Office of the Executive Governor
Ondo State Governor’s Office,
Alagbaka, Akure.

HE Orimisan Lucky Ayedatiwa

Executive Governor
Ondo State


Your Excellency,

We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. We Akoko north west constituency 2 Concerned Youths writing to bring to your attention an important aspect of governance that is crucial for the progress and development of our great state, Ondo.

As you are well aware, the role of a commissioner is of utmost significance in ensuring effective governance and implementation of policies that directly impact the lives of our citizens. It is imperative that the individuals appointed to such positions are not just people with big political connections, rather grassroot mobilizers, friends of the people and who have deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of our people. Who can carry all and sundry along with the state’s policies and programmes without itches of any sort.

Allow us to draw your attention to recent events in Akoko North West, where the appointment of a Special Adviser led to discontent among the party executives in a ward. This incident not only created disharmony within the party but also had the potential to undermine the party’s unity and hinder its progress. It serves as a reminder that careful consideration should be given to the appointment of individuals who can effectively mobilize and unite the grassroots. With due respect, your knowledge of individual occupying such a sensitive position in the state is not sufficient, but thorough personality checks and investigation is sacrosanct in such a choice in order to forestall mishaps and anarchy.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight another example from our local government, Akoko North West constituency 2, during the previous administration of Arakunrin Akeredolu first time The commissioner appointed by the late Governor failed because he was too far from us and he could not be said to have impacted the youths or anybody positively or do something tangible to impact our constituency in Akoko North West constituency 2 . They were just focusing on themselves without the ability to lead and make a meaningful difference, all our leaders were hiding under the achievements of BTO.
Consequently, our constituency suffered lack of quality representation and development. It is very important that a serious background check should be conducted both at LGA and Ward level on the individuals to be nominated before they were been appointed into any position across the 18 local governments of the State.

Therefore, we as the constituency youths humbly request Your Excellency, to carefully select a deserving and capable individual who is not only embodies the values of our party but also possesses the necessary skills, competency and determination to bring about positive change. We need a commissioner who will be actively engaged with the grassroots, understand their concerns, and work diligently to address them. Our constituency deserves a representative who can lead with integrity and make a lasting impact on the lives of our people.

Your Excellency, it is worthy of note and partinient to consider the sensitivity of the time we are in, why the importance of grassroots mobilizers, as the party had adopted direct primaries, we can not afford to leave any stone unturned. We need personalities that has followers which will in turn be a great advantage and plus to the choice of Your Excellency as the party’s flagbearer in the April primary.

In conclusion, we urge you, Governor Ayedatiwa, to prioritize the appointment of grassroots mobilizers as commissioners, this will secure the party and make it stronger and united, and the needs of our people are effectively addressed. Let us empower especially the youths, who have the potential to lead and bring about meaningful change in our society.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, Your Excellency. We trust in your wisdom and leadership to make the right decision for the progress of our beloved state.

Yours faithfully,

Akoko North West Constituency 2 Concerned Youths