BREAKING: FBI Director Issues Urgent Warning on Impending Chinese Cyber Attacks on US Infrastructure

FBI Director Christopher Wray is alerting US lawmakers about Chinese government hackers gearing up to unleash havoc on critical infrastructure like water treatment plants, the electrical grid, and transportation systems. Wray emphasizes the cyber threat, stressing the potential for “real-world harm” to American citizens. This follows previous warnings from private cybersecurity firms regarding China’s ongoing cyber threat.

In his prepared remarks to the House Select Committee On The Chinese Communist Party, Wray highlights China’s hackers actively targeting American infrastructure, engaging in economic security breaches, and wholesale theft of innovation, personal, and corporate data. Microsoft and Mandiant have previously reported state-backed Chinese hackers targeting US infrastructure.

Despite accusations from the US, China denies these claims. The committee, established to counter China, focuses on security and economic implications. Wray, consistent with other US officials, emphasizes China’s determination to steal research from American businesses. In a joint speech in 2022, Wray and MI5’s head labeled China as a significant “game-changing challenge,” underlining the rapid pace of Chinese intelligence activities.