Breaking News: Asake given 24-hour ultimatum to delete “Bandana” music video Celebrity Gist 10 minutes ago Same Emmanuel


A Nigerian man, who identified himself as a Christian, has demanded that Nigerian artist, Asake delete his bandana music video after reports because parts of the video were filmed in a church.

This incident follows claims of another Nigerian singer, Davido, allegedly insulting Muslims in the country through a music video featuring his artist, Logos olori, sitting on a mosque.

While Davido has already taken down the controversial video, the unnamed Nigerian man urged Asake to follow suit, stating that the video’s content was offensive to Christians.

As a result, this statement sparked reactions from various Nigerians who took to the comment section to express their opinions on the matter.

See some reactions below:

bright___r: “Christians are not violent ooo. Nobody send your papa this one.”

meetemmanueljacob: “I think we should start returning the same energy, so that this people will know that they don’t have the monopoly of m@dness.”

chyomsss: “Islam is the most useless and violent religion ever. I’d be damed if I’m not a Christian. Blood sucking and terrorists religion.”

kastropee_: “Not against him not supporting him but make we try to give God our maximum respect muslim people or Christian people peace in our Religions.”

majesty_daeze: “One thing I love about God is that ,he over look our sins and still love us unconditionally despite our sins, that why no other god can stand our God. God is too generous abeg,he doesn’t judge. God fight for us,we don’t fight for him,our God too much abeg. Kiss my comment if you are a lover of Christ our personal saviour.”

onyeoma_posh1: “If you are a Muslim and you see nothing wrong with the video Davido posted and only consider it as a work of art, like this comment, I wan see something.”

fabuloushype: “What I find disrespectful to Christian was the gwagalada music video where nuns were smoking weed and pointing to God.”

lakesideblackmale: “These religious groups are full of drama, all they do is fight for both European and Arabic nonexistent GODS.”


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