Bride’s mum was kick out of her daughter’s

Bride’s mum was kick out of her daughter’s


‘My husband and wedding party stared at me, frozen,’ the newlywed writes

Mothers of the bride can sometimes be a handful, but this mom took it to a whole new level.

A bride recently posted online about how her mother gave a vicious speech at her wedding last year, which led the groomsmen to ask her mother to leave the reception.

In the post, on Reddit’s “Am I the A–hole” forum, the bride, a user called throwoutmomthrowaway, explained that she didn’t really feel comfortable allowing her mom to speak at her wedding because of their “strained relationship.”

“I ultimately let her, hoping she would just deliver the same fluff about gaining a son that she did at my sister’s wedding,” the bride wrote. “Of course, my sister told me only after the events of this post that she pre-approved that speech.”

“Each time she paused to let a joke land, there was silence,” the bride wrote. “My husband and wedding party stared at me, frozen, waiting for my queue (sic) on how to react. They stayed seated until her bit about how I am damaged goods, referring to a time when I was 19. I had a bad date and the guy harassed me for over a year after. It seriously impacted my mental health and I dropped out of college. It is painful to think or talk about.”

At that point, one of the groomsmen took the mic away from the mother and the groom took the bride to the patio for drinks while the rest of the wedding party asked the band to play.

Eventually, the bride got back into the reception and had a good time, though she said she didn’t see her mom once.

A bride’s mom was kicked out of her wedding after insulting the bride in her speech.

“I found out the next day that the groomsmen had not only stopped her speech, they made her leave,” the bride said. “They didn’t tell me because I would be too worried about the fallout to enjoy the party and I had already declared that I would avoid her all night.”

However, the drama has apparently continued for the bride, who said she still hasn’t heard the end of it.

“My mom says I humiliated her,” the bride said. “My family says that I should have just prepared myself because I ‘know how she is.’ They say I was wrong to deprive a mother of her daughter’s wedding. At first, I was certain that her leaving was justified. Now, I feel like I should have expected the speech and warned the wedding party early to grin and bear it.”

“It’s caused drama that could have been avoided if I just let my mom do her thing,” the bride added. “I could have just stopped the speech but let her stay. On the other hand, if my husband’s dad had delivered a similar speech, I would have dragged him out myself.”

Commenters took the bride’s side.

“If your mom was ‘just being herself’ then she might need a few harsh lessons about how to behave in society,” a commenter said.

Someone else wrote: “If it was me, I’d cut her out of my life entirely. This sounds extremely toxic.”

Another person said: “I can’t even begin to comprehend how any adult would see it as funny or appropriate to make any of those comments in public, much less about their child. but wow. BEST BRIDAL PARTY EVER.”


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