Christopher Olusa Urges Nigerians to Collaborate with New Government for Progress on Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day

As Nigeria marks its 63rd year of independence on October 1st, 2023, Christopher Olusa, a prominent advocate and World Record holder for the longest speech marathon by an individual, sends a resounding message to his fellow Nigerians. Olusa, the owner of TalkWithTheDuke, a renowned brand for social development advocacy and networking, has long been an advocate for positive change in Nigeria.

In his address, Olusa emphasizes the importance of Nigerians embracing the new administration and working collaboratively with it to propel the nation towards a brighter future. He acknowledges that the present times are challenging, with economic and social difficulties affecting many Nigerians. However, he reminds citizens that, alongside the government, they too have a vital role to play in overcoming these challenges.

Olusa passionately charges the government to be more deliberate and expedient in addressing life-threatening issues, such as poverty, healthcare, education, and inflation. He calls for a renewed focus on these critical areas to ensure the well-being and progress of all Nigerians.

On this momentous occasion, as Nigerians celebrate another successful Independence Day, Christopher Olusa’s message serves as a rallying cry for unity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to building a brighter and more prosperous Nigeria.