Dr. Muyiwa Olusa Commends Hon. Adegboyega Adefarati’s Thanksgiving Triumph: A Celebration of APC Unity and Progress

Dr. Muyiwa Olusa Extends Heartfelt Congratulations to Hon. Adegboyega Adefarati on Thanksgiving Ceremony Triumph

In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity and camaraderie within the All Progressives Congress (APC) family, Dr. Muyiwa Olusa, an aspiring Member of the House of Representatives (MHR) in Akoko North East and Akoko North West Federal Constituency, took a moment to celebrate the resounding success of Hon. Adegboyega Adefarati’s recent Thanksgiving Ceremony.

Hon. Adefarati, representing Akoko South West and Akoko South East Federal Constituency, recently hosted a Thanksgiving Ceremony to commemorate his impressive victory in the last election. Dr. Muyiwa Olusa, an ardent advocate for the APC’s values and principles, wholeheartedly commends Hon. Adefarati on this milestone.

The event was a vibrant and joyous occasion attended by a distinguished gathering of party leaders, stakeholders, and supporters. Hon. Adefarati’s victory stands as a testament to his dedication to the APC’s ideals and the unwavering trust bestowed upon him by the constituents he serves.

Dr. Muyiwa Olusa, as an aspiring MHR under the APC banner, recognizes the importance of fostering unity and solidarity within the party. He believes that Hon. Adefarati’s triumph is not only a personal achievement but also a symbol of the APC’s continued commitment to delivering positive change and development to the people of their respective constituencies.

In extending his heartfelt congratulations, Dr. Muyiwa Olusa reaffirms his commitment to the APC’s vision and principles. He looks forward to contributing to the party’s growth and ensuring that the constituents of Akoko North East and Akoko North West Federal Constituency experience the same level of progress and representation that Hon. Olubunmi Tunji Ojo has exemplified.

As the APC continues to make strides in representing the aspirations and hopes of Nigerians, the camaraderie demonstrated by Dr. Muyiwa Olusa  serves as a beacon of unity and purpose within the party.