Drama at wedding as couple catches and arrests caterer hiding their food

A caterer has gotten herself into trouble after being apprehended for allegedly hiding food that had been paid for by the couple.The incident, captured in a video shared on social media by user @favour_gist, has since gone viral, sparking mixed reactions among viewers.

According to @favour_gist, at the wedding reception, the couple found out there wasn’t enough food for their guests, which was unexpected.

In the video, a female voiceover revealed that three cows were slaughtered to prepare the wedding ceremony.

However, as the wedding ceremony progressed, it became evident that the food wasn’t enough, despite the plans put in place to ensure that everyone in attendance would be served.

The turning point occurred when attendees began to question the adequacy of the food supply, leading to a closer examination of the catering arrangements.

In the video clip, people were seen inspecting coolers where the caterer allegedly hid the food.

Surprisingly, the cooler where the caterer concealed the food was discovered.

Netizens Reactions..

Mummy j said: “I know say them dey carry food go house normal but this is too much na why food wey them cook no dey reach people.”

Nas said; “On my wedding, I don’t care who steal food or not, as long as I enjoy my day. security will throw out anyone who start useless argument on that day.”

don_poscodeco said; “Na wetin make I like my late dad caterer till date, he go package ur food for u nd leave everything 4 u, cuz he don charge u beta money. Make den sit down woman down make she dey chop all d food.”

maks said; “The one I witnessed.was 1 big cooler of fried chicken.When the caterer was about to go and put it in the boot of her van, people rushed her.”

user9978156526749 said; “Na so they da do, they go tell you say food don finish 3 months they no go buy food.”

teefah_ said; “I go put soldier men with my caterers on my wedding day. Make I see how you wan take hide food.”

Edixy said; “Caterers should stop this! Client paid for the food and it should be served to guests. You can scoop but not the whole cooler now chai.”

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