Emmanuel Aje mourns Akeredolu, tasks Aiyedatiwa on performance

Emmanuel Aje, a prominent Community Organizer and advocate for Youth/Quality Educatiqon, expressed deep sorrow over the passing of former Ondo State Governor, Arakurin Rotimi Akeredolu, who tragically lost his battle with prostate cancer after a prolonged illness.

Akeredolu, who served as the governor of Ondo State, passed away in a German hospital in the early hours of Wednesday. Emmanuel Aje expressed his sadness over the demise of Akeredolu and acknowledged his contributions to the state and humanity as a whole.

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of Governor Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu. His prolonged illness has undoubtedly been a challenging time for him, his loved ones, and the people of Ondo State. We will always remember his dedication and service to the state,” said Aje.

Known for his active involvement in community organizing across all LGAs in Ondo state and also Nigeria, Emmanuel Aje directed his attention towards the new Governor, HON Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa, urging him to prioritize transparency, accountability, and the stability of the state’s economy for the welfare of all Ondo indigenes.

“As you assume the role of Governor, I implore you to swiftly take charge and address the challenges that have arisen due to the late Governor’s illness and the actions of certain state government officials who may seek to take advantage of the situation. It is crucial to restore stability and ensure a smooth continuation of governance in Ondo State,” Aje urged.

During these trying times, Aje emphasized the importance of Aiyedatiwa’s leadership, determination, and prompt action in resolving the issues at hand. The people of Ondo State are looking to him for guidance and governance that reflects their aspirations and needs.

Aje also advised the new governor to prioritize transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness while navigating the challenging circumstances. He encouraged Aiyedatiwa to seek the guidance and collaboration of capable individuals within the state to support his efforts and promote sustainable development and progress.

In honor of the late Governor Akeredolu’s public service, Aje called for a commitment to working towards the betterment of Ondo State. He expressed hope that the positive changes Aiyedatiwa brings forth will uphold the memory and legacy of Akeredolu.

Once again, Emmanuel Aje extended his condolences and wished the new Governor strength, wisdom, and also pledges to support the Governor of Ondo State.