Hon. Gbogi Emmanuel Commemorates Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day with a Call for Unity and Local Participation

On this auspicious occasion of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence anniversary, let us take a moment to reflect upon and express our heartfelt gratitude to the valiant heroes who made immense sacrifices to secure this homeland we proudly call Nigeria. Their unwavering commitment to our freedom has shaped our perspectives and rekindled the spirit of patriotism within us.

The sacrifices made by these heroes and the indomitable passion exhibited during the struggle for liberty have inspired many of us to reconnect with our roots and actively contribute to the growth and continuous development of our beloved nation. This contribution can be most effectively realized when each and every one of us gets involved at the local level.

As a stakeholder of the APC in Akoko South West, Ondo State, I stand with pride and commitment to our great nation, ready to play my part in the journey towards a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria. Let us all unite in this endeavor, recognizing that our collective efforts, when applied locally, can indeed lead to the progress we aspire to achieve.

Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians!

Hon. Gbogi Emmanuel
APC Stakeholder
Akoko South West, Ondo State