Hon. Nelson Aremo Mobilizes APC Party Stakeholders, Youths, and Ward Youth Leaders in Akoko North West Local Government in Support of Governor Ayedatiwa

In a move to solidify support for Governor Ayedatiwa’s administration, Hon. Nelson Aremo, a prominent leader within the All Progressives Congress (APC), has successfully mobilized party stakeholders, youths, and ward youth leaders in Akoko North West Local Government.

Hon. Nelson Aremo, known for his exceptional leadership skills and dedication to the APC, has taken the initiative to rally the party members and youth leaders in the local government. Recognizing the importance of unity and collective action, Hon. Aremo believes that supporting Governor Ayedatiwa’s administration will lead to significant progress and development in the region.


The mobilization effort, which saw the participation of various stakeholders within the APC, aimed to create a platform for open dialogue and collaboration. Hon. Aremo’s vision is to foster an environment where party members and youth leaders can actively contribute to the developmental agenda of Governor Ayedatiwa. This initiative also serves as a testament to the commitment of the APC in ensuring the success of the administration’s policies and programs.

Speaking about the mobilization, Hon. Nelson Aremo expressed his enthusiasm and optimism for the future. He stated, “We are united in our support for Governor Ayedatiwa and his vision for the progress of our local government. By bringing together all APC party stakeholders, youths, and ward youth leaders, we are creating a strong foundation for effective governance and positive change.”

The mobilization effort led by Hon. Nelson Aremo is expected to have a significant impact on the political landscape of Akoko North West Local Government. With the collective support of party stakeholders and the active participation of the youth, the administration will be equipped with the necessary resources and ideas to address the needs and aspirations of the people.

Governor Ayedatiwa has also expressed his gratitude to Hon. Nelson Aremo for his unwavering support and dedication to the APC. He acknowledged the importance of inclusive governance and the role of party stakeholders and youth leaders in driving progress. The governor assured the people of his commitment to delivering on his promises and working tirelessly for the betterment of the region.

As the mobilization efforts gain momentum, the APC party members, youths, and ward youth leaders in Akoko North West Local Government are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their community. The collaboration between Hon. Nelson Aremo, Governor Ayedatiwa, and all stakeholders underscores the unwavering commitment to good governance, development, and progress.