How to Give Yourself “An At Home Facial”


  1. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere
    If you’re doing an at-home facial, you’ll want to create as relaxing an atmosphere as possible. Don’t try to set up shop in the living room with your kids and pets running around. Find a quiet, relaxing spot, dim the lights, light some candles and play your favourite ambient playlist. This will help you unwind and truly get into a relaxed mindset.

  2. Start with a Good, Deep Cleanse
    You want to have a clean canvas for your at-home facial, so cleansing your skin is your first skincare step. Without first applying a cleanser, your skin will be layered with makeup, dirt and oil. Your skin won’t reap the benefits of your facial if these barriers are present. Stick to a gentle cleanser like the one we recommend above, since you’ll be applying a number of products to your skin. The last thing you want to do is cause irritation. Follow your cleanser with a deep cleansing mask for an even deeper cleanse. It will give your skin a good detox and cleanse your pores so your complexion is glowing!

  3. Steam Your Skin
    One of the best ways to open up your pores is to steam your skin. Steaming will also soften the top layer of skin to get it ready for exfoliation. You can safely steam your skin at home in two ways. One is to hover your face over a bowl of hot water and cover your head with a towel to keep the steam in. The other is to soak a towel in hot water and place it over your face (make sure the water isn’t so hot that it will burn you).

  4. Exfoliate
    Exfoliation is key when you’re doing an at-home facial. It removes any impurities on your face, helping slough away dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin. Exfoliation opens your pores and smooths your skin’s texture. Make sure to really focus on problem areas such as your T-zone that may be oilier or have more clogged pores.

  5. Mask It Up
    Masks are a must for a good at home facial! Choose a mask depending on what your skin needs most. Many of us need more moisture, so a moisturizing mask will do the trick! Massage your mask in for a few minutes, giving yourself a mini massage. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and if you’re in the mood, hop into a warm bath while you let it sit. This will allow the mask to steam gently on your face.

  6. End with Moisture
    After all the good you’ve just done for your skin, make sure to lock it in with a great moisturizer. Use a facial massage tool like a jade roller to de-puff and rejuvenate your face. This promotes collagen production and cell turnover, making your skin glow.

Giving yourself an at home facial is one of the best self care activities you can do!


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