I don’t support the removal of subsidy, says Gboji Emmanuel

I don’t support the removal of subsidy, says Gboji Emmanuel

Gbogi Emmanuel on Subsidy..

What is a Subsidy?
A subsidy is a benefit given to an individual, business or institution, usually by the government. It can be direct such as cash payments or indirect such as tax payment.

It’s typically given to remove some type of burden, and it is often considered to be in the overall interest of the public, given to promote a social good or an economic policy.

From investopedia, It’s important to understand that a Subsidy is generally some form of payment provided directly or indirectly to the receiving individual or business entity.
It’s generally seen as a privileged type of financial aid, as they lessen an associated burden that was previously levied against the receiver, or promote a particular action by providing financial support.

This is why I’m doing this to support Government’s position in lessening the burden of the masses.
I paid direct cash by supplying more than fifty motorbikes 10Ltrs of petrol each in Oka Akoko. This will go a long way in reducing the hike price on transport fares placed on our people and also help the to and fro of goods and services within the community.

When asked “what is your take in Removal of subsidy plans by federal Government come February 2022?”
Gbogi Emmanuel replied by appealing to the Government not to remove subsidy, because removing it will lead to famine and high price in goods and services. Moreover, the negative effect is always on the low income earners.

Finally, he solicits for the support of his constituents in the coming general election as he promised to bring good representation to the doorstep of all indigen of Oka-Akoko.


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