List of schools that would give you admission even with low jamb score

List of schools that would give you admission even with low jamb score


The joy of every person is to gain admission after writing his or her jamb. But most times these dreams are often truncated by corrupt practices in our educational system and many other factors.

Most time it is caused by our own decisions.

When it comes to securing admission in Nigerian institutions. Some things are very vital and are cogent to you gaining admission.examples of such things are

  1. Your jamb score: many might argue that this is the most important among all others. Your jamb score not only determines your course but also the kind of institution to pick. For example, a person that score 205 and is planning to study law at unilag is a mere joker. So one major thing that should determine your choice of school and course is your jamb score once your jamb score is not up to 160 forget abound federal polytechnic. Start looking for private and state-owned polytechnic. When your jamb score is not up to 180 forget about any federal university you can only gain admission into the private or state-owned university. Then for federal schools, their course cut off mark is quite similar so for those who want to study engineering in schools like unilag or monitoring your jamb score must not be less than 230, for those who want to study law. You must not score less than 280 in your jamb. So if we’re to continue we’ll see that jamb score plays a vital role in your admission process

  2. O level result

Your o level is another very important thing. Some schools even rate it higher than your jamb score. Your o level result can mar or make you it depends on your score. You’ll see a person that score 230 in jamb study electrical electronic engineering, whereas a person that score 275 is still deliberation on whether to pick physics or metallurgy.what is the difference between them? It is their o level result. So anytime you have the opportunity to write waec or neco brothers and sisters hold it well

  1. Your post utme exams or screening

Your post utme might be the heartbreaker or heart mender for a lot of people. A lot of people will have like 260 in jamb and still forfeit their admission, why? Low post utme result. So to avoid post utme problem. Firstly make sure you register early, then prepare hard for the post utme.

  1. Choice of school:

Your choice of school is a very vital aspect when it comes to securing admission. There is some institution that will not accept you with some jamb score example. If your jamb score is 180 you should know you can’t pick any federal institution. So before picking any institution make sure that you meet their cutoff mark.

How to enroll for post utme in a Nigerian institution

Enrolling for post utme in Nigerian Institution is quite easy, but before go deep let me explain this there are two major ways school do their post utme. These are……..

  1. Screening:

The screening process is the process used by state institutions and private institutions to pick those whom they will give admission. In this process, you don’t need to write any exam all they just need is your level result and your jamb score plus other documents. Schools that use this process keeps a Keen eye on your o level result. Examples of schools that use this process are …..

  1. Last

  2. Osustech

  3. Union

  4. Cross river university of technology

  5. Ebonyi State University

  6. Uni Maiduguri

  7. Ambrose Alli university

  8. Federal University of Oye Ekiti

  9. Kwara State University

  10. Unidos

  11. Universities that set post utme exams;

These schools are highly sought after and as a result of that they have included exams to their screening process but this exam is a very simple one, it is more like a play question. But that is for those that prepare for it sha.

Examples of an institution that set questions for their post utme are

  1. Unilag


  3. Ekiti State University

  4. University of Ibadan

  5. Obafemi Awolowo university

  6. Adekunle Ajasin university

  7. Futa

  8. Unicalabar

  9. Uniben

  10. Ahmadu Bello university

How to register for post utme in any Nigerian university

  1. Go to the school official website

  2. Fill in the form shown on the website

  3. Then print it out and take the form with you to the bank and pay your screening fee and submit your form to the bank officials.

  4. Another slip will be given to you at the bank, kindly collect it and confirm your payment in your chosen school website.

  5. You’ll need a passport also.

Schools that can give you admission even with a low jamb score

the set of schools you’ll be seeing now are like a blessing in disguise to us. As they see the tears of students and have pitched their cutoff mark very low to accommodate those who didn’t do very well in their jamb. Like we all know, jamb might not be the true test of a person’s mental ability as we’ve seen very brilliant people suffer in jamb some might even read and still fail jamb. I think jamb is all about luck so if you write jamb this year and you had a nice score don’t make Jest of them rather try to uplift them. So the list of schools that can give you admission even with a low jamb score goes thus…

1. Osustech:

Ondo State University of science and technology is a very nice school for all engineering students. It is situated in Ondo state and the cutoff mark is just 180 the school fee is between (150_200)


2. Uniabuja:

I know a lot of people will be surprised at why Abuja university is here. But that is the truth uniabuja is a very nice university and it has a very cheap school fee the school fee is (39,000_43000)

  1. Fuoye:

The federal university of Oye Ekiti. It’s school fees ranges from (99k_107k)


  1. Lasu:


Lagos State University. The school fee is (50,000_100,000) but remembers that this is not for second stream student

  1. Kwasi


Kwara State University it’s school fee is between (200,000_300,000)


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