Luis Suarez wants to ‘enjoy his last stage’ with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

The already legendary Uruguayan striker, Luis Suárez, has been the most recent acquisition of a former Barcelona for the Inter Miami ranks, joining Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and of course, Lionel Messi in the MLS team, after a stage in Brasileirao with the Guild of Porto Alegre.

Currently, Inter Miami is on tour ofPreseason by Hong Kongafter their defeat to theAl-Nassr of Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabiabeating 6-0, although without the presence of the Portuguese on the pitch, withLuis Suárez taking the floorto the press questions.

The charrúa was honest with the media and implied that the retreat is close, as he mentioned that this may be his ‘last stage’ with his friend Lionel Messi. Very happy after many years of playing together to share again not only on the court, also the day to day with him is very nice and to be able to enjoy this last stage that we are left as football players and be able to enjoy it as friends as well

Suarez’s contract at Inter Miami

As he has already advanced in the Miami Herald media, Suárez signed a one-year contract and “the club will use the Specific Award Fund (TAM) to keep its salary below the Franchise Player threshold,” said the Florida media.

The media also claims that Luis Suarez could fill one of the team’s three designated Player vacancies, aimed at footballers with salaries above $651,000, a limit set in 2023.

Although there are other formulas for the Pistolero not to occupy that position and instead if it could go from that limit. For example, the fee called Direct Assignment Money, where it would receive a lower salary but would have a kind of contractual bonus.