Man’s £100,000 discovery after taking metal detector to his local pub

Man’s £100,000 discovery after taking metal detector to his local pub

LA metal detectorist was left stunned after he discovered the ‘biggest hoard’ of his life just behind his local pub.

Luke Mahoney, 40, has been travelling the globe in search of precious metals for the last 10 years.

The experienced detectorist runs his own metal detector shop, Joan Allen Electrics in his hometown of Lindsey, in Suffolk, where he has lived with his wife and three children for the last five years.

But he couldn’t believe his luck when his trusty Minelab Equinox 800 detector picked up £100,000 worth of silver civil war era coins in the field behind the Lindsey Rose pub.

Luke was out with two friends, Dan Hunt and Matt Brown, detecting in a field behind his local pub after convincing the owners – his friends – Charlie Buckle, 26 and his dad James, 55 to let them search there.

Charlie said he was having Sunday lunch with his family when he got a call from Luke saying he had found something special.

He said: “Luke gets quite excited about everything he finds so at first I was like ‘yeah ok’. But then he kept ringing and told me I had to come down and see what he had found.”

Luke and his friends had been searching the fields behind the Rose since 10am that morning.


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