My top 6 Sunday playlist.

My top 6 Sunday playlist.

Songs can really do a lot in ones life which is why you must be careful with the kind of songs you listen to.

Listening to a sad song will make you sad.Happy songs will make you happy

Thanksgiving songs will make you grateful.

So the type of song you listen to equals your mood for the whole day.

Follow me as I take you through my Sunday playlist.


1. The train

Song by jaymikee- amp &Lawrence uyor. This song explain how we should remember this earth is a journey and how we all are on the train going to eternal rest. It speaks of a father waiting to receive his children from their journey.

2. Under the shadow

Song by David Dam. This song expresses an unexplainable love,about a father who loves you unconditionally and jealously guards you. How would you feel to have an assurance of love that never fades out.

3. House on the hill

Song by Amanda Cook.We all feel so down and lonely,no one to talk to. Whereas, the monarch of the universe yearns to connect with you. This song expresses how a father so loves his children and just wants to share in their pain. He thinks of you morning, afternoon and night. He just wants to connect with you. Are you looking for answers,assurance or someone to be there then you have to listen to this song.

4.Convenant keeping God

Song by Victoria Orenze. Are you doubting if you will ever make it and there seems to be storm. You need to listen to this song to know that he never fails, everything will pass away but not a dash over every t or dot over every I of his word will ever pass away. How would you feel to know you have the great I AM on your side.

5.Na you

Song by Dunsin Oyekan. You wake up every day,sleep with the assurance that “I will wake up everyday” some of us even have the over confidence and tell someone “meet me by this time tomorrow” what if your life gets taken away. We are all bothered about the things the Lord have not done for us but have we ever sat down to think of the things the lord has done. Sit down listen to this song and your eyes will open to see you are highly favored and graced to be alive.

6. Book of life

Song by Nathaniel Bassey. When you think, I have a good name,I go to church regularly. I help the poor and so on…I must surely go to heaven. This song will make you realise being a Christian with heaven on your heart is more than just going to church and calling yourself born again.


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