NANC ELECTION: Youth Advocate and Development is My Passion – JP NANC PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANT

NANC ELECTION: Youth Advocate and Development is My Passion – JP NANC PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANT

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.

Comrade Johnclaude Peter GCAF has paid his dues for this organization and have imparted many youths and facilitated many development to the National Association of Nigerian Comrades (NANC) from the state to the National.

During his leadership as Lagos State NANC coordinator, he promote the organization among the leaders and stakeholders in the state. He organized Lagos Stakeholders Leadership Summit, where he used the Privelege to harmonize NANC with the organization in the state. He also organized series of awareness campaign within the state ranging from substance abuse and drug use, supporting the girl child project and lots more.

His duty and vibrancy was felt in the National and progressive Innovation unanimously requested for as he pick the office of the National Financial Secretary of the our organization, he served with passion and commitment, he exhibit the act of accountability and accountability. During his reign as National Financial Secretary, he held a Working tour across some state of the country for harmonization which includes Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Kwara, Kogi, Abuja and Nasarawa state.

He then received a favor from the President as he appointed the first Director – General, Directorate of Diaspora Youths and Students Matters.

Comrade_JP as DG of this Directorate had bring so much development and recognition to NANC in different and certain recognition with authorities due to is continuous programmes, from youth and Students conference, leadership summit, protest against rape held in Abuja in collaboration with Association of Nigerian Female Students, African Youth Against Covid-19 the event that received UNICEF Award and lots more .

Also Comrade_JP as Director General has preach the gospel of NANC to more than 10 state and facilitate there membership in the organization.

He also support the structure of all state chapter, for guidance, advices and support for good leadership within there respective states.

In NANC, comrade_JP is blessing to the organization and tremendously have contributing to the development of the organization.

Outside National Association of Nigerian Comrades, Comrade_JP is leader who have served in different structure and had pay his due passionately to all the platforms he have served.

He is a passionate Youth Advocate and Development.

His tested, trusted and divine.

Preach, Canvass, Support and Vote
Comrade Johnclaude Peter GCAF for NANC National President.


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