NFL: “Stephen A. Smith Unleashes Criticism on Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys Following Disastrous Loss to Packers

In a recent social media post, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, known for his candid critiques of the Dallas Cowboys, once again shared his skepticism about the team’s ability to meet expectations. Despite acknowledging the potential threat posed by this year’s Cowboys, Smith couldn’t resist pointing out the team’s historical struggles, especially in the playoffs under owner Jerry Jones.

Reflecting on the Cowboys’ improved stats, including Dak Prescott’s 36 passing touchdowns and a formidable defense led by talents like Micah Parsons and DaRon Bland, Smith remarked, “I thought about there was something little extra. I really, really did. Because I said, you know something, I’ve been telling y’all now for 28 straight years, 29 and counting, just wait, be patient. They won’t let you down. But you ain’t listen. You ain’t listened, did you? Look what’s happened to you.”

Smith, never one to shy away from expressing his opinions, called on all Cowboys fans to tune in to ‘First Take’ on Monday, where he promised to provide a more in-depth analysis of the team’s shortcomings. Despite briefly entertaining doubt after Jimmy Johnson’s induction into the Ring of Honor seemed to mend his longstanding rift with Jerry Jones, the recent playoff loss reaffirmed Smith’s beliefs.

“Now, I couldn’t go in real, real, real deep. I really could. But ‘First Take’ is tomorrow. It ain’t no holiday for me,” Smith stated, hinting at a comprehensive breakdown of the Cowboys’ playoff struggles.

Despite his previous reservations, Smith seemed to find a certain satisfaction in the Cowboys’ continued struggles, especially after their recent playoff loss that marked a low point in the franchise’s history. The disappointment, both in Prescott’s performance and a defensive collapse allowing a record 48 points, only fueled Smith’s longstanding skepticism towards the team’s ability to overcome their postseason curse.