PGA Tour Championship purse, payouts: How much does the FedEx Cup winner make in 2020?

PGA Tour Championship purse, payouts: How much does the FedEx Cup winner make in 2020?

The winner of the 2020 Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup playoffs will make a life-altering amount of money — even by golf’s gaudy standards.

The richest purse in the sport is on the line this week at the East Lake Golf Course in Atlanta, with even the last-place finisher standing to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. The perks of being one of the best golfers in the world, right?

Just ask Rory McIlroy, who by winning this event last season earned the single-largest payout in the history of the sport — more than every other golf major and playoff event combined.

Below is the full breakdown of the 2020 Tour Championship purse, including winner’s share and how it compares to previous years and majors.

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Tour Championship purse 2020

The purse at the 2020 Tour Championship is $60 million, the same as last season. That said, last year’s Tour Championship featured a significant jump in the size of the purse and winner’s share: When Tiger Woods won the event in 2018, he won $1.62 million out of a $9 million purse.

The reason for the increased jump is a rule change the PGA Tour enacted in 2019: The FedEx Cup playoffs were reformulated so the winner of the Tour Championship would automatically win the FedEx Cup playoffs — and the bonus money that comes with it.

How much money does the winner get?

The first-place finisher at this week’s tournament will make $15 million, same as McIlroy made last year. That’s an absurd amount of money for four rounds of golf, and that number looks even crazier when compared to golf’s majors and other two FedEx Cup playoff events. Y

ou could win both of the other playoff events (The Northern Trust and BMW Championship, both at $1.71 million), the Masters ($2.07 million), PGA Championship ($1.98 million) and U.S. Open ($2.25 million), and still not have as high a payout as the Tour Championship: only $9.72 million


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