PlayStation 5 price, release date has fans mocking Xbox Series X

Sony revealed the price and release date for the PlayStation 5 on Wednesday, and the company’s most loyal customers used it as an opportunity to mock the upcoming Xbox Series X on social media.

This next-gen console warseems to be just as ridiculous as the last one between Sony and Microsoft.

The PlayStation 5 has two editions, one with a disc reader and one that is digital-only, meaning it only allows games to be downloaded rather than purchased in physical form. The regular version will cost $499.99 at launch, and the digital version will cost $399.99. Both editions will be available in stores on Nov. 12 in the U.S.

Those figures are very similar towhat Microsoft is putting forward with the Xbox Series X, which will cost $499 and come out two days earlier, on Nov. 10. Microsoft also has afar less powerful Series Sthat will cost $299.

PlayStationusers who had been concerned Xbox would would have them beat on price are doing a celebratory lap. Xbox users, meanwhile, are gloating about getting their machines two days earlier. And the level-headed in the gaming world just want everyone to be happy and nice to one another.


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