Politics is no longer lucrative By Ben Afolami

Politics is no longer lucrative By Ben Afolami



Just because of 2023,

We started with a ‘Yahoo Boy’ in Akoko South West State Assembly Constituency 1, Oka.


The latest now is ‘Ex-Convict’ in same Constituency.


There are banters, derogatory remarks and political proverbs on social media maligning and attacking one another everyday.



The Federal Constituency race has divided us more than ever. As soon as you are identified with one camp you become the utter enemy of other camps.


All because of 2023…

These are attributes and tactics of desperadoes and power mongers hiding in the cover of ‘I want to serve my people’. If we truly want to serve, running for a political seat should not be a do or die affair.


It is more painful how nescient and uniformed followers are been recruited everyday to join these shameful and embarrassing charade.


It is my humble wish to educate these innocent and unsuspecting followers that Nigerian politics is no longer as lucrative as before. Governance in Nigeria is withering every day. Governance in Nigeria is now the one of Payment of Salary (in fact, even the payment of the said salary is becoming difficult by the day). Just same way that the Local Government Council was gradually dying and now ‘practically dead’, so is the State Government dying slowly. The convoy of Commissioner of Finance during the regime of late Governor Olusegun Agagu was in the range of 6-7 vehicles with a lot of security aides. That same person is a Federal Minister now and cannot dare that let alone any State Commissioner. No State Commissioner can approve a contract of ₦1 million naira let alone having like sum as ‘income’.


So what are we fighting for? If you are a follower fighting anyone that is vying for State Assembly seat, just know you are destroying your reputation for nothing. Because if your candidate wins, he wouldn’t be able to help himself let alone helping you. The last Assembly Member we had in this State Constituency was Rt. Hon. Emiola Dare. The ones we have now are not better than the old Local Government Councillors. And it will be getting worse every fours years until Nigeria gets it right. So why the ‘wars’?


Even the Federal Seat is gradually becoming a shadow of itself. As much as it remains ‘juicy’, in the language of Nigerian politicians, but because of the rife and endemic poverty in Nigeria, demands and requests are overwhelming for our Federal Lawmakers to the extent that coming home to thier Federal Constituency is now a great crime. These were people ordinarily sent to go make laws and checkmate the rascality and excesses of the Executives but now expected to build bridges and roads. Funny!!!


If we think the above is not true; those of us throwing banters and even attacking one another for the Federal Seat did same four or eight years ago. What have changed about you? It is not that the persons we worked for is/was irresponsible or have forgotten us but obviously they are or were overwhelmed and drowned by too many demands and expectations.


Is the banters and fighting still necessary? Our banters and fighting now should be for a better Nigeria holistically so that our society can be better again.


If you have a good job, you will know that politics is meant for those who truly want to serve thier people.

I am Ben Afolami
Ire ooo.


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