Racism: England players were booed.

Racism: England players were booed.

The England players as there took there took a knee before the kick off in the world cup qualifiers in Budapest. There were booed and harassed by the Hungary Fans.

FIFA as been called to investigate the word said by the fans to Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham.

A cup was thrown at Raheem Sterling as he scored the opening goal for his side and some word was chanted at Jude Bellingham as he warm up for the match close to the Hungary stand.

Immediately after the match FOOTBALL FEDERATION said some words quoted it is very annoying and disappointing to hear such discriminating thing against some England players.

Before the commence of the match England players had discussed about it and there are already prepared for such because the same thing happen to Republic of Ireland before kick off in June during a friendly match.

England players made some gesture to draw their attention to stop against RACISM in football and other places.

Declan Rice drank from the cup been thrown at them.

A flares was thrown into the field as Harry Miguel scored to put the lions 3goals ahead of Hungary.



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