SM FASHION: Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

SM FASHION: Fashion Mistakes To Avoid



1. Following fashion Trends:

Ahh! I wish you could see my reaction this very moment. Of all things puuuulllllllllllease in every thing you do, you don’t necessarily have to follow fashion trend. Lemme take you down memory lane, you know I like stories (#Giggles)

So there was this time when there were this particular brand that was trending. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against these brand but I saw 80% of young people putting on these brands. Ah!

At that time there was a particular lady who wore this certain brand, (Top, trouser, phone pouch, sandal, bag)  and even bought the noodles of that brand. I kid you not!

I’m trying not to mention name bet
Kilode (Ambassador pelzin)

It’s not bad to put on a particular brand but not to the extreme biko. Seeing so many people putting on a particular brand is just tiring (face palmed)

When you dress you should do so with the mindset that you want to standout, you want to be different from the usual. Imagine seeing a particular dress on someone and the next 20mins you still see it on someone again and then on and on……. It is no longer a dress, it is now a uniform because several people wore it already and nothing about it is unique or special again.

So our moral lesson for today is not to follow fashion trends blindly. Be contented with what you have and create your own uniqueness from what you have.

Well we are all entitled to our opinion but this is my honest opinion on following fashion trends, I’d love to know your opinion though.

Thank you
Till we meet again


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