SM-HEALTH: 7 things that can changes your body odour

SM-HEALTH: 7 things that can changes your body odour

When we talk “body odour” people’s mind quickly think up “unpleasant smell”……..

Every human have unique body odour. It doesn’t mean you smell bad as a person but it means you have a specific smell that can be identified with you.

Some body odour can be pleasant while some unpleasant but in this post we would be discussing the sudden change in people’s body odour

1.Vitamins and minerals deficiency

A change in body odour can be as a result of your body not being able to absorb nutrients from food eaten.


Stress and anxiety can cause you to sweat more which can result into body odour.

3.Hormonal change
An hormonal change can cause body odour.When estrogen levels drop during menopause, for example, the body often mistakes this as a sign that it’s overheating. This hormbonal change then leads to excess sweating, which can contribute to body odor.



The foods that we eat could also impact our body odour. Vegetables such as onions, cabbage, cauliflower etc. contain sulphur compounds that affect eccrine glands. However, this smell doesn’t last long. Even alcohol and meat can cause body odour and by drinking a lot of water you could easily wash it off.



Diabetic ketoacidosis is a common condition among those who have untreated diabetes. Ketones begin to build up in the body due to their lack of insulin. This could cause a change in body odor.



Believe it or not but being sick can actually change the way you smell. According to Business Insider, “a new study suggests that sickness does actually have a unique odor — that of the overactive immune system. And other humans can actually smell when someone is fighting off an infection.


7.Wearing the same underwear for a long time

Wearing the same undergarments for too long can cause serious body odor. Sweat and bacteria form across the back, and between your chest. You are trapping a gross aroma of body odor under the lining of your underwear; so if you want to smell good, you will do what it takes.


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