SM HEALTH: 8 magical things smiling can do to you

SM HEALTH: 8 magical things smiling can do to you

“Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful.” by Rashida Jones

Below are 8 beautiful things smiling can do to you.

1. Increases Attention:

Stress limits our perceptions and narrows our attention. Our bodies kick into fight or flight mode where we can focus only on one of those things. Smiling counteracts this and widens our attention again, opening us back up to multitasking and insights that come from the fringes of our perception and our subconscious.

2. It is Contagious.

Around 50% of people smile back. This spreads the health benefits throughout those around you, and it comes back to you several times as well.

3. Kills Pain
Smiling and laughter both have been shown to lessen pain. They release endorphins that lift our moods, but many of these act as natural painkillers too.

4. Avoids Regret.
We smile to avoid feeling bad for not smiling. Sounds weird and circular, but we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so we smile when someone shares some story about their dog, even if we don’t really care. Studies show that if we don’t smile, we feel regret failing to do so. This regret brings down our mood and boosts stress hormones.

5. Encourages Trust

Studies show that we are more trustful of others when they smile and smile genuinely. Trust is an essential part of social health when dealing with people, whether they are loved ones or simple acquaintances. Seems relationships are genuinely built on smiles.

6. Better Mood
The endorphins do more than kick stress to the curb. Endorphins lift your mood. Feeling down? Slap a smile on your face, even if it isn’t entirely genuine at first, and turn your entire day around with something simple, easy to do, and free.

7. Reduces Stress
Stress is a common problem in the modern world that causes a myriad of health problems. Stress relief may be as simple as smiling a little more throughout the day. Smiling releases endorphins that counteract and diminish the stress hormones.

8. Lower Heart Rate

Smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body. This lets the heart work without overworking. People who smile and laugh often are less likely to develop heart disease. Smiling also temporarily reduces blood pressure.


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