SM HEALTH: These things can lead to serious change in  body Odour

SM HEALTH: These things can lead to serious change in body Odour



Everybody has a body Odour! Ye! Who stoned me?

You just raised your brows right? Yeah, I Know why I said that

We all have our unique odour/fragrance/smell. Just Imagine!

You have always been confident of the fact that with or without perfume you still smell great but then all of a sudden you just noticed a change in your body odour. Ah ah watapen!

So in this article I will be taking you through things that are sure to cause a change in your body’s Odour, let’s go!……….

1. Diet

Have you ever added Garlic and Ginger to your cooking? Let’s say a stew?

Oh lala,it tastes uniquely awesome especially if you nah goan add smoked fish and ponmo kika to it, Kai! What am I doing, young lady focus!

Okay back to what we were talking about, yes these spices enhances the taste of your food but too much of everything is not good. Fishes too have this smell, after washing them it is advisable you take a bath to avoid having a fishy smell which can be irritating, so the bottom line is Garlic, Ginger, Onion e.t.c are very very good to the body system but the intake of these should be done moderately.

2. Skin infections

Some kinds of infections like;

– Trichomycosis axillaris, a bacterial infection of underarm hair follicles

– Erythrasma, a superficial bacterial skin infection

– Intertrigo, a rash in a skinfold that can become odorous in the presence of a superimposed, secondary infection such as candidiasis (yeast infection) can cause body.

3. Sickness

  • Pneumonia: This is a lung infection that sometimes causes foul-smelling breath and sputum.
  • Tuberculosis (TB): This is a bacterial infection that occurs in the lungs, throat, and neck, causing breath to have a foul smell. Swelling in ulcerated lymph nodes may also produce a smell of stale beer.
  • Belly button infection: Although hygiene is usually the cause of a smelly navel, if your belly button starts to have an offensive smell, it may be infected. If infected, other symptoms may include discharge, redness, itchiness, swelling, and even bleeding.

These are only few out of the things that can change your body Odour. There are so many other things that can cause a change and the bottom line is that you should always pay close attention to your body and do a regular check up. Be conscious and intentional about your health, it goes a long way.

See ya leyra!






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