SM HEALTH: Things you should know before saying “I DO”

Wow,you are excited!

You are finally getting married to the love of your life. That man/woman of your dreams,this is a beautiful thing one should be thrilled about but what are those things you need to know before tieing the knot to avoid “future regrets”


1.HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) tests.

HIV, hepatitis B and C are conditions that last lifelong and if not properly managed, can strain the marriage.

The knowledge of your partner status helps you protect yourself/ seek for adequate medical care if your partner turns out to be positive and you also decide to go ahead with the marriage. Other STDs e.g. gonorrhea, syphilis, bacterial vaginosis and warts can be treated with proper medical care. This will reduce the risk of infertility and miscarriages.

2. Rhesus factor and compatibility test:

Rhesus factor is an antigen present on the cell membrane of some red blood cells.
The people that have it are rhesus positive(Rh+) and those that lack it are rhesus negative (Rh-)

The marriage between a rhesus negative woman and a rhesus positive man
This marriage may cause complications in childbirth. This is because Rh factor is inheritable.
The child resulting from this marriage may inherit the rhesus positive factor from the Father.
During pregnancy, labour or miscarriage, if ruptures occur in the placenta, separating the mother’s circulation from that of the foetus, the foetus blood containing rhesus positive factor seeps into the mother’s blood circulation and this forms creation of antibodies which in turn seeps into the foetal blood circulation and begin to KILL the red blood cells of the foetus and this will lead to anaemia and jaundice

In most cases, the baby may die before birth or immediately after birth…

3.Fertility test:

This is essential as these issues can then be addressed as early as possible without causing the unnecessary biological, psychological, social and emotional trauma one associates with barrenness.

4.Genetic or chronic medical conditions testing:
Early testing allows couples seek medical care before the medical conditions gets to its terminal stage. This test depends on the region and the common chronic/genetic condition seen in that society.

However, this test should include screening for diabetes, test for hypertension, certain cancers kidney disease and test for thalassemia, amongst any others you feel need done.

Genotype is also included and here is the most important which I intentionally saved for the last because I want us to really strech on it.

Lasst but most important goes thus:

5.Blood Genotype:
This refers to the individual genetic constitution which is the sum total of all the genes that the individual has inherited from his parents.

This is very important, because a wrong matching of different blood genotypes would lead to sickle cell anaemia in the offsprings We have different types of blood genotype
AA, AS, and SS

Some of us are very familiar with this, so I would just go straight to the point…

SS is the sickle cell Genotype
And it’s advisable not to marry someone with a genotype SS

Reasons are as follows:But before that, I want to tell us about the magic genotype what I mean by that is this;
Those with genotype AA, are the magic people, the unstoppable and undefeatable when it comes to marriage
And reason being that, someone with Genotype AA marrying another with either AS or SS would produce healthy offsprings, because the AA when matched with SS for example would produce offsprings with AS, AS, AS, AS…
So you see none has an SS.
Now back to the reasons I wanted to state down, and we all can see from the above truth that those with Genotype AA are free from these reasons because they are the magic people

Those with Genotype SS suffer from ANAEMIA (Which causes weakness to the heart)
1. Their sickle- shaped red blood cells contains less haemoglobin and therefore carry less volume of oxygen to respiring cells and hence the loss of energy is always a problem

  1. Their bone marrow becomes over active and in an attempt to build new red blood cells causes severe pains on the bones. So in general, if you don’t have a blood Genotype of AA it is not advisable to marry someone with Genotype SS (sickler)

Because sicklers tends to die Young if proper medical attention is not given, and even if it is given, human being differs….

But the probability of living long is very low, so that’s why it’s advisable not to enter what you won’t be able to take, because the death of the offspring would lead and leave a devastating mark on the parents, over thinking, high blood pressure and all🥺🥺

So it’s advisable not to marry a sickler if you don’t have the Magic Genotype (AA)

I would love to share more about this because it’s really important..

But my advice is this; If you know you are not mentally and emotionally balanced to loose your child after marriage, take not of this
Before you enter any relationship at all, please check the Blood Genotype and rhesus factor of your partner, and if you know it would lead to marriage, check the fertility rate of your partner, infact all the tests stated here should be carried out🥺🥺

The probability that marrying someone with Genotype SS and giving birth to a child with Genotype SS is 50:50
But it’s advisable not to take chances


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Doherty.O. Deborah

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