Stress in job hunting

Stress in job hunting

It’s not fun being unemployed:

The money issues aside, being unemployed means that at any point in time, you are looking for a job. And the job search can be pretty stressful. Here are 11 of the most annoying things that make the job hunt such a struggle.

People Asking How Your Job Search Is Going:

We’re from a culture that thinks it’s okay to has “you’ve put on weight oo,” as a conversation starter. So it’s not really surprising that people ask about your job search all the time. Some days it’s not so bad being unemployed, until some friend of a parent tells you that you’re not praying enough and that’s why you don’t have a job.

Having A Job Hunt Crisis:

Another not so fun thing about the job search is getting down on yourself. Sometimes all the rejection and not hearing back gets to you. Those emotional lows are definitely not fun, and they make being unemployed all the more annoying.

Hearing About Talent Shortages:

Sometimes, you’ll be on social media and you’ll find companies talking about how they have positions that they can’t fill. That can be so annoying because there are so many unemployed people. Why can’t you fill your positions??

Companies That Want So Many Degrees

Another discouraging thing about job searching is the fact some job descriptions ask for so much. They want this certification, that degree—sometimes even degrees you’ve never heard of. And you’re probably thinking that the people who are suited to those jobs will apply for them. But it’s still annoying constantly seeing jobs that you are grossly unqualified for.

The Years Of Experience:

It’s unnerving that you need work experience to get work experience. Sometimes, even internships require experience. Where are we supposed to get that experience from if you won’t hire us because we don’t have experience?

The Transportation:

Another stressful part of the job search process is going for interviews. Every time that you have an interview, you have to go to the company’s offices. And if you’re not familiar with the area, there’s a big chance that you’re going to have trouble finding the place. Sometimes, some companies are located in places that require you to take multiple cars before you get there.

The Pay:

Okay, so now you’ve gone through all the uncomfortable things, and you finally managed to land the job. And then … they show you the pay. You would be surprised at how low the salaries for some entry level positions in Ghana are.

Nailing The Interview But Not Getting The Job

This always feels personal. Every single time. You had a great interview, and you even connected with the interviewers. And after the interview, you are told that you’re going to hear back from them soon. This gets you excited because you think that you’re going to get the job. And then … you don’t get it.


By now, you’ve heard the expression, “it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.” Yes, networking is an important aspect of landing a job. However, constantly going to seminars and conferences to network can be draining. Especially, if you’re not a particularly social person.

Not Hearing Back After An Interview:

Even a company called to tell you that they went with someone else, that would be better than leaving you to think about all the reasons why you’re not being called. Having to reject yourself shouldn’t be part of all the unemployment stresses.

Tailoring Your CV:
Finally, it is highly encouraged that you tailor your CV to every role that you apply for. But continuously doing that for multiple jobs and then not landing them can be an exhausting process.


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