The future of Osun state is Safe with ASB



I have my conclusion that; OSUN STATE-AND ITS RESPECTED AND VIRTUOUS-CITIZENS deserves best and forward-looking OCCUPIER on the seat of first citizen of the state ( GOVERNOR). There is no bones about that! that is what all distinguished people of osun state has been craving for and anxiously desiring to have for the delivery of Sterling governance governance that would be beneficial and propitious to every Osun State citizens. However, this Dream and yawning has not been laid to bare since creation of the state.

To be candid, the erstwhile governors had done their best for the development of the states respectively. Talking of the incumbent governor, He has been doing his best to the best of my knowledge and others who can attest to this based on various developmental projects has been doing since his assumption of office as duly elected Governor osun state.

Cogitating earnestly on OSUN2030 in respect of WHO to become governor of our dear state. On this I would like to make my stance known. Thus, it’s not about having governor as usual BUT , having governor with difference , who will change the narrative on the usual practices and dynamics of running the affairs of the state and how the statutory dividends of democracy is being channelled to the people of osun where very few people who only have connection directly or indirectly to those in the affairs of government are being favored in expense of the majority with little or no connection.

To the good people of osun state who has been craving for the desired change (positivity), in every sectors stemming from education, health, economy etc. However, a change that will make people’s welfare and well-being supreme, a change that will bring about equity, equality and fairness where every towns, local governments and senatorial districts shall be carried along in budgetary allocation for infrastructures/ developmental projects and other social services for the good living of the masses. Additionally, a positive change that will rejig and revamp the existing security architecture to ensure life and properties of the masses are well secured where people would have to sleep with their eyes closed. Also, talking about the change that will innovatively create employment opportunities for the employable youths into public, private and entrepreneurship ; a change that will create enabling environment for both Local and foreign investors to invest without constraints as a result of ruinous government‘s policies on investment.

In tune with the above demand for positive change from the respected people of Osun State as highlighted above. Aboveboard, ASB2030…HON AKINWOLE SAHEED BOLARINWA is a forward looking and public spirited man ; most competent and qualified to bring about the desired change that osun people has been craving for . HON. AKINWOLE SAHEED BOLARINWA popularly addressed by his supporters and admirers as ASB OJO OLA OSUN! is a visionary leader per excellent and philanthropist extraordinaire who is aspiring to become OSUN STATE GOVERNOR come 2030. Above and beyond, ASB is most well spoken of governorship aspirant in respect of OSUN2030. Unequivocally, come 2030 osun is in safe hands with ASB as Governor.

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