The game they call it?

How do we define the game if there are no players to play the game? Then Who makes the rules of the game ?; I guess the first players of the games makes an initial rules which often seems like a regular to NEXT PLAYERS. Hmm  makes no sense yet. come on, toss the dice with me we are searching for a Double six . Lol don’t be confused we are defining a game.

Game: it an organized event. (This definition is a class in simplicity by SOLUTION D 1st. It is a definition that all forms of definition is built upon. Quote the author wrong if your opinions are different.)

The reasons why we choice to play A and not B is because of our Favourite organization interest. You like football game because you like the way it being organized right. Yes I think so.

This hypothesis is applicable to other games with individual interest.


Now dive with me in the pools of my expression!!

This game is often associated with negative campaigns, scandals, and corruption, which can lead people to view it as a dirty game.


Who are those that feel this game is dirty; Some people may view politics as dirty due to the negative campaigning, mudslinging, and corruption that can occur in THE GAME campaigns and government. Others may view THE GAME as dirty because they feel that PLAYERS are more concerned with their own interests than the needs of the people they represent. Media often focuses on the negative aspects of THE GAME, such as scandals and partisan gridlock, which can reinforce the perception that THE GAME is a dirty business. Finally, the complexity of THE GAME issues and the difficulty of finding common ground on divisive issues can also contribute to the perception that THE GAME is a dirty or unpleasant field.


THE PLAYERS; The game can’t be defined has dirty without having dirty players.

Let drive our attention to the minority that Carries the beckon of hopes and positivity to THE GAME.


In every occasion there is always one person who doesn’t want to be stained alittle or at all. They protect their garment at all cost making them look weird in the occasion because protecting their garment they need to avoiding what the crowded majority does and do which is right to them.


Remember a popular saying,” if you can’t beat them then join them hmm.” SOME PLAYERs are good with good principles about the game but due to the large acceptance of nonsense than sense in the game makes good players lose out to the BAD BEST PLAYER. I hope you all dig? .

The game ain’t dirty some players are just dirty  and ugly with no iota of integrity, above you will see a pictorial expression of a lad putting on a white jersey to Play the Game of contacts. In this picture you will observe carefully how protective the player is playing the game because he does not want to be stained and he does not want speculators or those interested in playing to feel it a dirty game that will have to stain them.


What are the rules in this GAME?.

1.  reasoning for playing

2. how you play

3. who do you play

4. how to convert your play effort into goal.

5. who are you target.


Commercial Break: Hey why are YOU PLAYING THE GAME CURRENTLY?


sip in; The game ain’t dirty if we provide players who wants to protect their whites. The game is needed and everyone needs to take part but the orientation needs to be lighten positively.

I challenge all players and speculators to encourage a more positive view of THE GAME. THE GAME is to focus on the positive changes that can be made through PLAYERS action.

However, it’s important to remember that THE GAME is a necessary part of society, and can be a force for positive change when used effectively. By working to address the root causes of THE GAME dysfunction and corruption, we can help create a more transparent and accountable system that better serves the needs of all citizens.

THIS ARTICLE IS OMITTING A KEYWORD. It your puzzle to find readers.

This is not just about a game.






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