Are you aware that, everything you are looking for in life – the Money, the Job, Education, Positions, Spouse, Fame, Love, Houses, Cars, Success (in anything) among many other physical and spiritual needs you are looking for or desires so much are also looking for you and desires you? Yes, they are looking for you and desires you too but obviously and most certainly, not this version of you.

Before we proceed; have we ever paused to ask ourselves these questions – why is it that most great men and very successful people in life are people from average, very poor and hopeless backgrounds? Maybe in the contrariwise, can we also ask that, why is it that the children of very great men or the said very successful people in life are most times not successful themselves? We have heard so much of Awolowo, Zik of Africa, Tafawa Balewa, great Mandela, MKO, Fela, T. B Joshua among many others but not so much about thier children.

Have we ever also paused to notice that; many a times and of course more often than not; very great Athletes, great Boxers, some very talented Musicians, successful Comedians, powerful Men of God, outstanding Footballers, skilled Actors and Actresses among many others quickly fades away as soon as they become very rich, famous and influential? i.e they ‘lose’ those talents and can no longer entertain thier fans just same way, pace and taste as when they started.

Did we also observe, that successes, riches, wealth, influence and affluence does not respect religion or the absence of it? There are confirmed statistics that the most successful, richest and wealthiest people and countries in the world are atheists and people who does not believe in God.


The reason for all of the above is because Success is a Process not a ‘trial’. Success is a series of consistent actions geared towards achieving a particular result not idling or gambling. Success is a continuous, deliberate and coordinated actions aimed at adding value to yourself not looking for money. Money is a bye product of value. It is this Process of adding value to yourself that will hone, polish, refine, perfect, improve and elevates you to that Premium Version of yourself that everything you are looking for naturally comes to you. They don’t stop coming even when you are tired of them. The Money, Wealth, Fame, Love, Influences and Affluence keeps increasing as your value does.



It is good we are reminded at this juncture that, everything good passes through a Process – a hard and complex Process at that. Name it; Gold, Crude Oil, Palm Oil, the Bread we eat, the Yams we harvest, the University Degrees we bagged, the Digestion of the food we eat, the Clothing we wear, the Cars we ride,the Healthy Life and every good thing we can ever imagine passes through a Process. So you can’t enjoy all those good things without you too passing through a Process that reforms and elevates you to a Version of yourself that equates your value to that of them.


Okay, if we don’t know; the reason why most great men and successful people come from poor and hopeless backgrounds is because those hardships they go through unwittingly and unintentionally forces them through the Conversion Process of life. While thier counterparts in the rich and wealthy homes who have everything they want at thier fingertips becomes too lazy for the challenging Conversion Process of life. Also, the reason why most successful Comedians, Powerful MoG, Outstanding Footballers, talented Musicians among others fade away after attaining stardom is because those talents survives in the Conversion Process Stage and Phase of life – as soon as these guys attain stardom and begin to enjoy thier wealth and fame, they become too lazy to continue the Unending Conversion Process of Life – and those beautiful and great songs, motivations, Football Skills among others that were naturally coming to them before, stops coming. And they can no longer perform as before.



The reason why Success, riches, wealth, influence and affluence does not respect religion or the absence of it is because the Conversion Process of Life is an ordained Law of nature. In as much as you observe, follow and abide by the dictates of this Law, every good thing of life naturally follows you. For we Christians, the law was ordained in Gen 1:28 when God said “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion”. There was no religion when God said this. You don’t have to be a Christian or Muslim.


Have we ever also meditate and ask questions why is that people who win Millions of dollar or Naira from Lottery and Lotto or the popular internet Fraudsters more often than not go back to get broke and worst than before they hit the jackpot? It is because the acclaimed ‘success’ didn’t go through the Conversion Process of Life. It was a trial and luck game. But because lack of Process before the ‘success’, it has deprived them the opportunity of self-development that is suppose to upgrade the Versions of ourselves. They lack value hence must lose all that resources that temporarily came thier way. That version of them cannot keep those resources.

What exactly is this conversion Process that leads to Success?

Forget about looking for paper money and concentrate on Self-development. If you want to be a great footballer, spend an average of 4 hours on football pitch everyday for 5 years and see the difference. You want to be a great musician; learn how to spend 8 hours a day in the studio and with the musical instruments and watch yourself stand out. You want to be a great leader how many books do you read and devour weekly? You want to have First Class in your studies; how many time do you spend in the library for research and development? Who is your mentor if you want to be a great Preacher? And how many years have you spent listening to him?


It is during this stage of Conversion Process that you are allowed to fail as many times as possible, so that those old versions of ourselves can be forced to improve and upgrade. So many people quit at this level. The bitter truth is that you can NEVER be successful without failure in that thing you do. Your failures are your promotional exams to your next level. At some point, people must mock you, misunderstand you, reject you, rebuke you among many other tribulations. They are signs you are on your way to greatness. This is true of all great and successful people you can ever imagine.


All of us watched on TV the ‘Grass to Grace’ of one of the greatest man of God that ever liveth – Prophet T. B Joshua after his death. There is no amount of sorcery that can bring you ‘Success’ and also ‘Keep it with you’. It doesn’t exist.



There is nothing great you want to become in this life that if you spent a huge chunk of your time daily on it for few years i.e 5 years and above that you won’t stand out. By the time you stand out; only your football skills, your musical instruments, voice and songs, your preaching gift, your architectural designs or any area of your specialization appeals to people. At that juncture, you are at that Version of yourself, that you are a Value to your environment. As soon as your value is established, everything good; the money, the fame, the spouse, the love and what have you, that you desired so much, comes your way. Are you aware some people are paid for what they know not what they do?


If you are still struggling to achieve anything in life, it is because you are yet to complete the Conversion Process Circle of that thing.

©️Ben Afolami


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