“Till now, I don’t own a camera” – TG Omori confesses

Popular video director, cinematographer and film maker, Terkimbi Ggbaden Omori Jesam Smith aka TG Omori reveals that he does not own a recording camera of his own.

The videographer disclosed this in an interview with ‘Zero Conditions Podcast’ where he claimed to own only a desktop computer which he uses to edit videos.


'Till now, I don't own a camera' - TG Omori confesses


The influential video director is known to have collaborated with the industry’s top music icons and entertainers to help bring their creativity to life.

Narrating his journey into video creation, TG Omori noted that he doesn’t own a single piece of video camera, as he claimed that he uses production studios that provide him access to the gadgets he needs for shooting.


'Till now, I don't own a camera' - TG Omori confesses


He said;

“I only own a computer I use to edit videos in my office.”

The film maker also recounted how he intended to study film production in school, but his parents couldn’t afford to buy him a laptop, and that was how he settled with acting because all he had to do was to be present on set.

“I wanted to study film production, but they could not even afford to buy me a laptop, so I went for performing act because all you need is just to be present on stage. So it was in school that I discovered that there is a career called music video director, and you don’t even need to have anything, you can actually rent.” He added.

Watch video below: