The saying “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow” has little application in Nigeria. While the quest for a better Nigeria keeps increasing, it can’t be achieved without the pivotal roles of Youth in the politics of Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country that experienced colonisation& independence. It became independent on the 1st of October, 1960. This was achieved through the independent movement by the nationalists who were youths. The likes of Awolowo, Azikwe and Ahmadu Bello that fought for indepedence were Youths.

Taking power, the youths were intrumental in bringing development to Nigeria.

Nigeria has experienced Military and Civilian Government and the youth took active part in both.
A youth is a young person. United Nations considers youth as those within the age of 15 to 24.

Under 1999 constitution, the supported age were 40 and 30 to contest for the post of President and Governor respectively.
But now, the “Not too Young to rule” bill has been signed into law by President Buhari. Now, the age of 35 is eligible to contest for President and the age of 30 can contest for Governor.
The House of Representatives was reduced from 30 to 25 year of age, likewise House of Assembly.

Nigerians want a better country. Insecurity, unemployment, corruption, Economic malaise etc. has led to agitations for restructuring and succession.
The Unpleasant situation, led by brutal harrasment of the Youth by Police brought the #EndSars protest of 2020. That time, the Youth of Nigeria showed that they were capable and not for political thuggery.

The youth protested against police brutality and used the opportunity to agitate for better governance.
This and many more show that the Youth have capacity to contribute to the development of Nigeria.
Towards the better Nigeria, the Youth are indispensable tools in actualising the Nigeria of our dream.
For the Youth and 2023 General election; The next Presidential election is going to hold in 2023 and there is need for the youth to participate and take over the mantle of leadership.

The Youth must mobilise themselves from the local to top level, to take over leadership through Democratic means. The Youths Should unite and form formidable political parties .

This should be an opportunity for the political emancipation of the Youth in Nigeria. Through their activities, struggles and actions, they must go into full political mobilisation and socio-political orientation. The political insights should lead to the general sensitisation of each and every youth for them to foster the political advancement, Economic and social enhancement for the well-being of Nigerians. It’s possible for the Youth to produce the next President of Nigeria from amidst themselves. Same as other offices.
Political commercialisation where a lot of money is being spent to win a political office may hinder youth. They can solve this problem by pooling resouces together through formidable platforms. If they pull enough funds together, they can sponsor themselves to attain power.
The youth Should reject being used as political thugs during election.
It’s time to be serious!

Sensitisation should cut accros every corner of the country for the youths to get ready for 2023.
With a well established structure, the youth can participate directly in the governance of this country. They should not just be the voters but also the ones to be voted for.
The forth republic Should send the men in 60s, 70s and above out of political offices through Democratic means. Yes, 2023 will come and these Politicians will come with money and lot of goodies as usual to silent them! The youth must be determined to reject any subtle act to silence them. The youth should mobilise themselves to vote old Politicians out of power.

In Conclusion, it has been emphasised that the people of Nigeria need a better Nigeria. Where insecurity, unemployment, corruption and other bad factors leading to lack of progress in Nigeria, would be reduced. Nigerians need a better country where the dividends of Democracy would be enjoyed. It has been pointed out that the Youths are needed to have a better Nigeria. That the youth Should get ready to take over the leadership positions In Nigeria. The 2023 Presidential election will be a great decisive time for the Youth to become the ones who are voted for and not just the voters!

Name: Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi
Department: Law
Institution: Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko
Phone number: 08161724463



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