Valentine’s Day: NACA Urges Nigerians to Get ‘Love-Fit’ with Responsible Romps

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, is gearing up to ensure a love-filled yet health-conscious celebration amid ongoing global health challenges.

Dr. Gambo Aliyu, the Head Honcho at NACA, reiterated the agency’s commitment to promoting a safe and healthy expression of affection, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing well-being during romantic rendezvous.

With a mission to sprinkle some safety into the season of love, NACA emphasized the need for open communication, mutual respect, and savvy decision-making in matters of the heart.

Dr. Aliyu urged folks to incorporate protection into their lovey-dovey moments, stressing the significance of regular HIV testing and candid conversations about sexual health with their significant others.

“Love packs a punch, but let’s make sure it’s a punch of responsibility! NACA is here to arm you with info, support, and resources so your love story can be both passionate and prudent,” he quipped.

He highlighted that such measures not only boost personal health but also contribute to the grand mission of building safer and healthier communities.

“In sync with our mission, NACA is gearing up for a love-themed awareness blitz this Valentine’s Day, spreading the gospel of both abstinence and safe sex practices.

“Our goal is to create a love-fueled atmosphere that’s also safety-certified, nurturing a community that values both romance and health,” he elaborated.