Ways to rock your maxi gown


Most women have got one maxi dress they bought because it was made from a nice material or they were convinced maxis are comfortable to wear. Those who have never bought one or have never won one may give reasons as it having a boring style or they do not know how to accessorise it for different occasions.  Check out how you can easily make your maxi dress look well styled and different each occasion.

Use a belt

Put a belt on your waistline or over your belly button. if the dress is flair sewn top to bottom, the belt will give it gathers in the waistline to change the style. People may not notice you are wearing the same dress with this technique.

Wear it with heels

You can also wear a maxi dress with heels and a chain to a dinner date. Heels add classiness to your dress. In addition, make sure your makeup is also well done.

Wear slippers and a beach hat with it.

You can also take a maxi dress to the beach by styling it the casual way. Wear your colourful slippers with it and you are good to go.

Use a necklace on plain materials to wake up the style

Use bold necklaces preferably the choker type, that is if it’s appropriate for your dress neckline. This will attract attention to your face and chest. Remember that also expresses your personality.

Put a jacket over it

For a chic look, this is a go for. if you are going to get cold when your date or meeting time eats late into the evening, a jacket will help you look warm, beautiful, different and safe.

Personally, I will recommend a maxi dress for every wardrobe because it is decent enough to cover some skin, it is comfortable, and you can take it everywhere if you properly accessorise it. These are tips to help you accessorise your maxi dresses for all occasion


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